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You can sign up for the Marriage TIPS! articles from the women who take Daughters of Sarah and do The Respect Dare book. And when you do, know you’ll also get a free copy of my little eBook, 101 Ways to RESPECT Your Husband.

But first I’ll send you a prayer exercise that can dramatically change EVERYTHING.

I ran a little pilot of this during the fall of 2015, and was shocked at the results.

Over 50% of the women felt better about themselves. 

That was cool.

A little “side” benefit. 🙂

And here’s where the rubber meets the road –

87.5% of them deepened their relationship with God AND improved their relationship with their “challenging person” – and for many, that challenging person was their husband!

You’ll get access to the audio and a printable prayer.

We’re using it in a follow-up to Daughters of Sarah course right now, something to help women dig deeper into the 12 Truths to Change Your Marriage book that goes along with the class. And this little prayer exercise is just too good to not share RIGHT NOW. 🙂

I’m excited. 🙂 !!!

Like you, I’ve learned a lot of things the hard way – by making mistakes.

I’ve also learned a lot of things the easy way – by learning from other women.

I have never felt like knowledge was something someone should keep to themselves, whether it is how to deal with angry people, gossipy girlfriends,  or handling teenagers, or toddlers in the midst of a five alarm freak out.

And so I read, study, apply – and share.

I’ve written a number of articles for different online magazines, been on Focus on the Family with Jim Daly and John Fuller twice, and FamilyLife Today with Dennis Rainey and Bob Lepine three times.

But more importantly, I do what you do – daily.

I’m just an average girl trying to deepen my relationship with God, myself, and others, in a  healthy way.

And I can’t keep “what works” to myself. So Sign Up Now! 🙂 Dare you to share the image below with your friends and help them, too. 🙂

TIPS! Articles

A good chunk of “what works” actually comes from the beautiful women who take our course, Daughters of Sarah. They’ve worked hard, grown closer to God, and He’s shown up in their marriage, their relationship with themselves, and their relationships with others like their kids, girlfriends, extended family, coworkers, neighbors, etc., in an amazing way. So I can’t take credit for a lot of this – but I can share the common stories in a way that protects their identity and hopefully blesses you.

They’ve learned how to NOT do the pendulum swing from “doormat” to “martyr” and instead have found that sweet spot in the middle of His will –

being a Biblical wife of strength and dignity, contributing to the family in huge ways.

I’m not saying everything that shows up in your inbox will be the “best thing ever” or “newest technique that works 100% of the time.” I’m not married to your husband, and I’m not you – but I can tell you that there are things that have helped my own marriage, and many others – and that’s what I’ll share.

Hope you enjoy these! You can sign up below:

Love to you,


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