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Nina Roesner has been in the communication field since the age of 13 when she worked for her father in broadcasting for a decade. She received her bachelor’s degree from Montana State University in Communication Studies in 1989.  Her Master of Arts in Communication Studies from West Virginia University was completed in 1990 with an emphasis in the cognitive processes of communication with self and others. Her graduate work included being published in the June 1992 edition of Communication Research Reports. 

Nina spent 5 years working as a Human Resources Director of a multi-location manufacturing company in Iowa. She implemented communication and leadership training that changed the cultures of the company’s three plants, over 600 employees in total. She spent 15 years as a Trainer with Dale Carnegie and Associates, in Iowa City, Iowa, and Cincinnati, Ohio. She has trained and coached executives, business owners, managers, and employees in the areas of public speaking, conflict management, communication, leadership, team-building, problem-solving, and stress management.  Her work with Dale Carnegie included training local trainers, writing training materials for use internationally, and coaching individual class members in cognitive restructuring to help them create better relationship outcomes. 

Nina founded Greater Impact in 2005, using a number of different training and coaching methods she developed over the years, to help people of faith make a greater impact in all they are called to do. She has developed an online eCourse for wives, Strength & Dignity, and a video-assisted Bible-study training experience for groups of wives called, Daughters of Sarah.  Nina is an adjunct professor of interpersonal communication and public speaking at Cincinnati State Technical and Community College. 

Nina has applied current research in cognitive processes, neuro-psychology, intrapersonal and interpersonal communication, hostage negotiation, conflict management, quantum physics, self-identity creation, marriage and family relationships and continuing Biblical study to the courses she develops and trains others to deliver with Greater Impact. She combines information from theologians and Christian relationship professionals such as the late Dr. Howard Hendricks, Pastor James McDonald, Dr. Tony Evans, Dr. Dan Siegal, the late Dr. Karen Purvis, Chad Hovind, Dr. John Gottman, Dr. Katherine Neff, Brian Tome, Dr. Daniel Amen, and Dr. Brene Brown, Dr. Henry Cloud, Dr. John Townsend, Dr. Larry Crabb, and Dr. Susan Johnson. Nina says her favorite hobby is reading research studies. Her family finds this a bit odd.

Her obsession with research has led to the development of a process that dramatically impacts marriages in a quick way. She wrote Deflating Defensiveness: A Conflict Resolution Workshop as a way of laying a foundation for successful relationship change that lasts. Nina walks participants through a process that dramatically and quickly deepens their relationship with themselves and with God, and as a result, overhauls their relationships with others. Participants emerge with a godly sense of identity, are less controlled by the opinions of others, are more rooted in their purpose as they have been created, and as a result, understand their own defensive nature and have the ability to deflate it in themselves and help others do the same. Leaders then have the ability to help others go through the same process, which helps their small group participants grow in a way that transforms their minds.

Nina is the author of several books:

The Respect Dare: 40 days to a deeper relationship with God and your husband

12 Truths to Change Your Marriage

With All Due Respect: 40 days to a more fulfilling relationship with your teen and tweens

365 Ways to Love Your Wife 

101 Ways to Respect Your Husband

Nina lives with her husband Jim in Loveland, Ohio.




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Thing is, I’m really just like you. And God showed me how to discover the MORE that’s hidden in plain sight for all of us.

I’ve found the richness of healthy relationships and conflict resolution done well. And I want to help you find the peace and joy that’s waiting for you, too. I’m just an every-day wife and mom, former career-girl, dog and horse-lover who follows Christ. I home school, but am lousy at math, which is why I send my kids to tutoring after 6th grade. And I love teenagers and hanging out with my kids. But only because we have real transparent, imperfect but loving relationships.

I like being average. Most people are. 

And sometimes, I think motherhood and being a wife is really hard.

I’ve been married since 1991, and spent the first decade trying to “do” faith, be a home-maker Martha Stewart-style while working, and finally gave up and now just decorate with antiques because that’s easy. I love women, but that’s a work God’s done in my life, because honestly, I didn’t know how to trust for the longest time. I drink too much cappuccino and eat too much chocolate and sometimes still lie about my weight (only a couple a pounds, usually…). I hate learning things the hard way, and want to help others learn it easy. Like marriage and family life can be really really hard sometimes.

Jesus is my best friend, my Dad, and my Lord. My husband is next, then my kids, my friends, and then my golden retriever, whom we really did teach to say, “I love you.” Okay, you might need to use your imagination a little, but that’s what I think she’s saying.

I spent a bunch of time in corporate America doing training and helping people grow. God gave me this ministry, and now I work for Him, and He does the growing. I’m just happy to be a part of it. People tell me that what He lets me do with Him helps a lot, and that they’re encouraged. That’s more than enough and extremely humbling.

I love you to pieces. I really do. And I want to spend gobs of time sitting with you over a cappuccino or a cup of tea and talk and cry and pray together. My reality is that I have kids to home school, dinner to make, and writing to do.  And laundry. There’s always laundry. Sometimes, I swear our clothes are having more sex than I am… the laundry just multiplies so! That said, I do my absolute best to connect with you on FacebookTwitter, or here.

I read the blog comments and interact with them as I can, along with everything else. Know, however, that I’ll never intend to slight you, but I just can’t always respond as well as I would like to everyone. It’s never my intention to not love you well, but I do ask for grace. I’m really no different than you are, juggling all the responsibilities with life. I do read questions and comments and try to blog about the common ones.

Please feel free to send us a message.  It might take us a while, but we’ll get back to you. If you get “crickets” from me, please try again.

Because my family is my most important ministry right now, I only leave Cincinnati 4-6 times a year for retreats and interviews. If you are interested in contacting me for a speaking event, interview, or article, here’s how to get a hold of me:


For U.S. media requests: Don Otis, Veritas Communications, 719-275-7775 Don(at)VeritasIncorporated.com

Speaking/Retreats/Skype Sessions

Book through Greater Impact Stefanie Price at Greater Impact Ministries email:  Stefanie.Price (at)GreaterImpact.org.


If you want to stop feeling alone in your marriage, if you just really need to know five things you can do TODAY to bring some joy into your relationships, or want to stop conflict in its tracks, Nina can help.

She’s an expert in the field of interpersonal communication and a relationship coach.

Nina Roesner, Executive Director of Greater Impact Ministries, Inc., has personally seen “applied respect” change lives through thousands of real stories in the Daughters of Sarah® courses.  Frustrated with the media’s portrayal of how women are supposed to look, act and feel, she loves to encourage women to awaken spiritually.  Passionate about assisting others in their journeys in life, and concerned about the proven negative impact divorce has on children and women’s health, she desires to equip women with the communication skills necessary for successful marriage and help them create balanced lives.

Her first book, The Respect Dare is published by Thomas Nelson, and released December 11, 2012.  Her second book, 12 Truths to Change Your Marriage is used along with the Daughters of Sarah training course she created for wives. Nina has worked since she was 13 years old in the broadcasting, training, and human resources fields.  She has a masters degree in communication from West Virginia University. She worked until her first child was 5 months old, then moved to part-time employment.  She understands the challenges in balancing a deep relationship with God, her husband, children, working, staying fit, while spending time with friends, serving in ministry, driving carpool, home schooling, and managing to have a bathroom clean enough for guests to use.

Nina left a leadership training corporation to write and deliver courses for people of faith at a fraction of the cost of what the same high caliber of training goes for in the marketplace.  She has seen over 95 percent of the participants grow in their relationship with God and others, all while increasing their confidence.  Her courses leave a lasting impact on participants.  Nina has over 20 years in the communications and training industry.  She has coached numerous executives, managers, individuals, wives, church staffs and pastors around the country and currently provides leadership for Greater Impact Ministries, Inc. as Executive Director.  Nina currently speaks to several different demographics including wives, moms, working women, and other leadership groups.

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  1. What do you do when you husband flat out lies to you? When I have been kind, respectful, gentle and prayed with him. He still lies. He doesnt cheat. He earns good money. He lies when it is convenient. And then he has the nerve to pout and get sulky when he is caught. And I am not the one doing the catching. His boss called me. And this man is a highly educated professional. I am done. I don’t want a life with him anymore.

    1. Nellie, I’m so sad for you. Sounds like this is a huge issue, and I could be wrong, but it seems like you probably feel betrayed. I’m really sad that this situation has gotten so bad that you feel like your marriage needs to be dissolved over it. 🙁 I get the lack of trust thing. That would be crazy hard. I can’t encourage you to divorce him, though, as he hasn’t committed adultery. :/ Not sure how that fits, and I know it doesn’t help with the pain. We deal with issues like this in our classes, and the solutions are much more in-depth than a response here. I am praying for you, though, and my heart aches for you both.

      Love to you,

  2. I read about your sickness (When I first started having pain in my hands, I thought it was temporary. I spent several years going to specialists and heard everything from “it’s all in your head,” to, “you’re always going to feel this way.” We finally learned the pain shooting through my hands and up my arms such that I couldn’t pull up my underwear and had trouble holding a toothbrush was from bone-on-bone-style arthritis combined with severe tendonitis and a connective tissue disorder.”) and I am desperate to know what your diagnosis was b/c i think I may have it as well, and I’ve also struggled finding doctors. If you can share the name of it, I would be grateful.

    1. Jesus cover Renee yout precious daughter with Your Blood. Heal Your daughter by the power of your Holy Spirit . In the Name above all name s ..The Lord Jesus Christ Amen

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