Tired of feeling alone in your marriage?

I want to help.

You know that feeling?  The one where you had a conflict “end,” (maybe because you or your spouse left the room)… and you don’t know how you got from that small thing you brought up to the big argument you just had…

It’s a helpless feeling, not knowing where things went wrong, not knowing how to make the cycle stop, or how to prevent it from happening again… much less prevent it from happening in the first place…

I can help.

We’ve been at this a while and have coached a lot of people.  They now make a difference in their marriages by applying researched, Biblical, time-tested, proven skills. Watch how God changes your heart and transforms your mind when you learn how to…

  • respect yourself, respect others, and create mutual respect
  • deflate defensiveness – in yourself and others
  • learn how to create connection out of a conflict
  • speak the language of respect to your husband
  • speak the language of love to your wife

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If you are discouraged, beaten down, feeling like there is no hope, feeling worthless, maybe consider the below: