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family lifeInterviews with Dennis Rainey and Bob Lepine – these are a great resource. We think they provide an awesome foundation for understanding what it is we are walking through as we go through the book.

Family Life Radio Interview with Morning News Anchor, Sarah Harnisch

55KRC Interview with Brian Thomas

Article in The Atlantic: How I Learned to Stop Criticizing and Be Nice to my Husband

The Techology Show – Interview with the Pastors – this is video that talks specifically about discipleship within the dares.

The RESPECT Dare Book Trailer

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  1. just need to add, i have made many changes. became much closer with God, trying to live what ive learned- being patient and kind, not repaying evil for evil when he is upset. trying my best to let go and start new- told him i feel we are worth it and dont want our family split.

  2. what do you do if you have done love dare andrespect dare and husband made no changes and wants divorce. just told me he likes someone else. lives in another state for work, been seperated. married 25 years

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