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The Greater Impact Podcast (archive below) features audio versions of some of the most inspirational and compelling Greater Impact interviews with great people (Nina Roesner, Kyle Hargrove, Doris Homan, Shysha Lewis, etc). We hope to include a wider assortment of great scientists, in particular, in the upcoming year.

Please note: This information is NOT meant as relationship or business advice, as we cannot possibly know your individual situation. Even if we did, the Holy Spirit has His way of doing things, which none of us fully know. Please listen to God over anything we EVER say! Participating in any place in the community is an agreement to hold Greater Impact, and all of our volunteers and staff harmless for any outcomes as a result of decisions you make based on what you learn here.

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What You Don’t Know About Emotions Could Be Ruining Your Relationships

We know men and women are different, but when we consider emotions, there are a lot of myths we hear which may or may not be true. Join us in today’s episode where Nina & Kyle talk about how what we don’t know about emotions may be in the way of healthier relationships. Click the image to see the video:


Struggling With Patience

“Lord, help me be patient, help me grow in this area.” Every time I would pray that I’d get pregnant. Apparently, I’m a slow learner, as it took three pregnancies to discover patience isn’t something God injects into us through the power of the Holy Spirit, but rather a MATURITY developed over time. I hate that. But it’s His way, and it’s wildly useful. Join Nina and Shy as they talk about how to deal with the opportunities for patience in our lives, click the image to watch the video.


What Everyone Needs to Know About Boundaries

“You’re going with me tonight, right?” Lisa asked her husband, Daryl, when he walked into the family room. His heartbeat was a bit faster. He hated it when she did this. He’d already told her he was meeting his friends for dinner. Twice. He couldn’t help it if she had a social she decided to go to after learning his plans. “No, I am still going with the guys. We can do something tomorrow night.” Lisa felt the emotions begin to rise. Why was he like this? They never spent any time together, he was always going out with his friends… The push-pull of negotiation is normal in relationships – to a certain extent. When someone makes it about them, boundaries start getting crossed, or a need for them arises. Can you relate? Join Nina and Kyle as they talk about this sticky issue dealing with fear, control, and what to do and not do with boundaries in today’s podcast.



How to be kind in conflict or maybe we should call this episode, “Why men can easily be interested in sex right after an argument”. Listen in as Nina and Shy talk about what kindness is, what it’s not, and how to actually be kind in the midst of a conflict. Click the image to watch the whole episode.

What You Don’t Know About Submission Could Be Damaging Your Marriage

Men tend to ask how to make their wives submit. Marriage is built with love, and that love is anything but the desire to control. What we don’t understand about submission could be damaging your marriage. Listen in as Nina and Kyle talk about what submission is and what it’s not.

Know How Love Doesn’t Envy and How It Can Change Your Marriage Today

Have you envied someone because they got want you wanted? Did you realize that being envious shows in our communication? Previously, we talked about love being patient and kind. Now, let’s listen in as Nina and Shy talk about how love doesn’t envy and how it can change your marriage today.

How A Healthy Confrontation Maybe Just What Your Relationship Needs

“Confrontation” and “conflict” are not bad words. Most people when they experience conflict will quit the relationship. People depart the relationship rather than face and walk the conflict. Let’s listen to Nina and Kyle as they talk about healthy confrontation is what your relationship needs.

How Blaming Others is Destroying Your Confidence