For Husbands

Most of the people I talk with are women.

Having said that, however, I still receive enough questions from men, that we put up a few resources for them.

Here is a list of 101 Ways to Love Your Wife. – also 101 Ways to Get Your Wife to Submit

And be sure to check Nina’s message about why YOU matter as a dad when she was a guest blogger for Focus on The Family.

We endorse a program called, Stepping Up from Family Life Ministries. It’s simply awesome. 🙂  Wives, if you are reading this, know that it’s nothing personal, but your husband is wired to learn best from other men.  You cannot teach your husband how to be a better man.  you can encourage him as he learns, however.

Please also check the Why Your Love Matters and Why Your Wife is Unhappy pages.

And then there’s THIS: An Open Letter to Husbands (about why your wife is freaking out and what you can do about it)


It’s about more than you think.



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