Dare Taker FAQ’s

Q:  What if my husband is not worthy of respect?

A:  Because we are Christian, we choose to actively obey God instead of relying on our worldly understanding.  This is different than “checking your brain at the door.”  These are steps of faith, as explained in this simple thought that can have a positive impact on your marriage.

Q:  How long does this take?

A:  There are 40 dares, most of which takes about 20 minutes or less a day.

Q:  No, I mean til my husband or marriage changes…

A:  That is up to God. 🙂  Sorry we don’t have a better answer than that, but at least you know you’ll be working on your relationship with Him while working on your relationship with him!

Q:  What Do I do with the “Expectations” envelope from the beginning of the book?

A:  Ask yourself, “How has my relationship with God, myself, and my husband grown in the last 6 months?  In light of that growth, what has God taught me about these expectations?”  He will provide the answer.

Q:  Does anyone ever go through the book more than once?

A:  Yes.  We have found that women who “do the dares” more than once, and especially with a small group using our Small Group Guide, have an even more powerful experience the second time around.  We encourage you to “grow as you learn” by taking a group through it – join us in ministry.  Remember, God does not call the equipped, He equips the called.

Q:  What if all the dares don’t work for me and my marriage is the same?

A:  Please go to the When it Doesn’t “Work” page, and also read, Why Respect?


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