Deflate Defensiveness in 2018

join us and rethink respect...

Deflating Defensiveness in 2018 My marriage isn’t easy, but I married a really wounded man, he was neglected as a child, and those wounds show up in his lack of trust that anyone is ever really there for him. Without learning how to speak the language of respect and deal with his hyper-defensiveness, our marriage […]

How and why to respect your husband

Even when it isn't easy

So many women ask me how and why they should respect their husband. Shouldn’t he deserve it? He should earn it, right? In today’s Family Life Radio broadcast, Dennis Rainey and Bob Lepine and I talk through the issue. It isn’t really about the merit of the man, but moreso our relationship with Christ that […]

One thing you MUST do in conflict

how respecting yourself can turn your relationship around

Yes. There IS one thing you simply MUST do when in conflict. If you don’t, you’ll stay stuck, won’t resolve things, and be discouraged. And your relationship simply won’t change. What I’m about to share with you is something that will change your life if you can do it. I want to give you the […]