Dealing with defensiveness?

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If you want to know how to deal with defensiveness, you’ll need to know the basic why’s and how’s of respect.  Here’s why: Defensiveness divides in relationships. I don’t think there’s a better place to find those answers than this radio show I did with Debbie Chavez. God used her to pull out the right […]

How and why to respect your husband

Even when it isn't easy

So many women ask me how and why they should respect their husband. Shouldn’t he deserve it? He should earn it, right? In today’s Family Life Radio broadcast, Dennis Rainey and Bob Lepine and I talk through the issue. It isn’t really about the merit of the man, but moreso our relationship with Christ that […]

These are difficult days – prayer appreciated

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There aren’t words. All I can say is that prayer is appreciated. What are the odds of taping a Focus on the Family broadcast about your parenting book in March, and then having the segment that talks about raising a challenging child air on the day of that now 29 year-old child’s memorial?  As many […]

50 Things I Learned From Raising a Challenging Child

A Tribute to Debbie Hitchcock's Daughter August 8, 1988-May 30, 2017

If you had told me that anything in this week was happening, I wouldn’t have believed you. As many of you know, my friend, co-author, and ministry operations director, Debbie Hitchcock, and her husband and friend, and Greater Impact trainer, David Hitchcock, suddenly lost their 29 year old daughter last week.  It’s also the week […]

3 ways to mess up your marriage…

and your other relationships at work, home, and play

There are certainly more than 3 ways to mess up your marriage… today, however, we’ll be looking just 3…and changing them will change ALL of your relationships – and make you happier. … Carla stared at Steve in disbelief. All she had wanted to do was have a simple conversation about where to go for […]