Dare #17 of The Respect Dare… How Do You REALLY Feel?

Today’s Dare always gives me pause.

Truth is, when negative sentiment over-ride has created a place within a marriage, the wife often can’t translate what her husband actually DOES into a positive character trait.

Often these folks are headed for separation or divorce and don’t even realize it.

I’ve talked with too many wives who have said, “He goes to work,” and not realized that he’s providing for his family.

Even more that say, “Well, he practices baseball with our son,” and can’t see that he’s trying to be a good dad.

Even more women are seriously stumped when these questions are asked about themselves.

philippians 4 8

Today, I’m daring you to ask God to help you live His Word from three verses today:

Philippians 4:8 Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable, if anything is excellent or praiseworthy, think about such things. 

Colossians 3:2 Set your mind on things above, and not on earthly things.

Ephesians 4:29 Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear.

I added the italics to emphasize one thing: we have some control over what we think about. And if God is going to tell us what to think about, we should pay attention.

So what are YOU thinking about?

Dare to Stop Criticizing

This is one of the few things I know that will change a marriage – how you interpret another.  If you decide he’s all bad, if you think YOU are all bad, then you aren’t seeing what is true – look for the Holy Spirit’s way of seeing things. And no, I’m not saying we’re not sinners in need of a Savior, what I’m saying is that there are reasons that God loves us – and His Spirit within us is good.  LOOK for that. Think about that.

Dare ya. 🙂

Later this week, we’ll talk about something even more powerful – because just sharing the positives isn’t going to completely overhaul your marriage – there’s more. 🙂 

Where are YOU at today with these things? What lies are you believing about yourself or your husband that influence your interactions? Would love to hear from you on these things now – please comment below about where you’re at. 🙂

Know that I’m personally glad you are on the journey with us. We’re blogging our way through The Respect Dare book and hope you’ll subscribe and pick up the journey with us!

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2 thoughts on “Dare #17 of The Respect Dare… How Do You REALLY Feel?

  1. I have been struggling big time with negative thoughts the last few weeks. I know it stems from the belief that my husband doesn’t really love me. He said some things that hurt me about a week ago and I haven’t been able to shake it or talk to him to ask if he really believes that. Because it isn’t true. So… anyway, I am blessed to be a part of a wonderful church and being there yesterday, along with all that God has already given to me in various ways, I was able to see that I was allowing my husband’s negative words and behavior to affect mine. I know that isn’t how I should act. My focus was not on God, but on my husband. So, I’m turning those thoughts around. Unfortunately, I made it a habit to speak negative words to myself during the last few weeks. That makes it more difficult to turn those thoughts around. But I have prayed and asked God to change my heart and my thoughts, so I won’t give up. And this post was more confirmation about what I know is already true and need to put into practice! 🙂 Thank you for keeping the Truth always in front of me.

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