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Want respect in your marriage? Can I humbly offer some help?  We know what works – join over 250,000 people who are making a difference in their marriages by learning and choosing researched, Biblical, time-tested and proven skills. Watch how God changes your heart and transforms your mind when you learn how to…

  • respect yourself, respect others (especially your husband – and it isn’t what you might think!), and create mutual respect
  • deflate defensiveness – in yourself and others
  • learn how to create connection out of a conflict
  • speak the language of respect to your husband
  • speak the language of love to your wife

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What it’s NOT – another marriage resource that coaches you into being silent, walking away from who you are created to be. It’s also not a “set your bra on fire” method to stand up for your rights (that creates more conflict!)

What it IS – training and communication coaching that helps you navigate the most difficult of communication situations – conflict – all while teaching you how to respect yourself, your husband, and honor God at the same time.


Get a free copy of 101 Ways to Respect my Husband and…

If you are discouraged, beaten down, feeling like there is no hope, feeling worthless, maybe consider the below: