When Girls Demonstrate Self Respect …

When Girls Demonstrate Self Respect … As raw and risky as it is to admit, there’s a small part of me eagerly waiting for the day about a decade or more from now when I notice that my daughter and I are just friends. And I say, “just friends,” because the carpooling to play practices, voice lessons, […]

The Problem with Memories… Dare Eight of The Respect Dare

I had the lunge line in one hand, the end of the rope in the other. I quietly told my horse to lunge (walk a circle) around me to the left. She did this. Then she sprung into the air, and started to gallop. Mane tossed in the wind. Eyes wide. Both of ours. Nostrils […]

Tired of Doing it ALL??

Saturday, I asked my husband to drill holes in my flower pots because they needed to drain more effectively. He left yesterday (four days later) for a three day business trip without doing it. I had asked him again the day before he left. He forgot. This is ironic, because one of the questions I […]

When The Respect Dare Doesn’t Work…

A while back, I posted about a woman wrote to me about doing The Respect Dare book. Having completed all the assignments, she found herself stuck on the last one, where she was to talk about what she had learned as a result of completing the dares. When I wrote about her circumstances originally, I […]

Having it All…? or Had Enough?

My husband and son spent a few days recently visiting Christian colleges. After one tour, my husband called me and shared a rather odd experience. “We were standing in a group of 20-30 high school students with the college tour guide, who was also a student. She began her announcements, then launched into the demographics […]

Got Conflict?

I’m feeling led to deal with conflict resolution for a while here. Today’s discussion is about the “average” junk we deal with on a day to day basis. … “I think I’m going to put the sump pump in this weekend instead of Tuesday night,” Michael commented to his wife, Charysa. “What? Why would you […]

A Little Reflection Time…

From last week: “Sheesh! I was pretty floored! I have failed just about every day this last week to keep my mouth shut and just say something to the effect of…”Hey, that’s a hard situation I will pray for you.” However, it’s in my brain to at least try, so that’s better than before! Knowing […]

Mature Christian Women…

Did you marry well? Or wish you had married someone else? That “can’t sleep – can’t eat – can’t think about anything but him” feeling disappears after 6 months to a year or three. That is normal. But… If you are wishing that the guy you married (you know, “Mr. Right” at the time) was […]