Real Conflict…What Do You Think?

I have the privilege of a number of close relationships where the intimate details of interactions are shared with me, often over coffee. This is one of them. Consent’s been given to share it with you. Discussion’s ensued. I’m sure there will be more. Just so you know, this woman has been actively respecting her […]

Hold Me Together…

“You’ve had a miscarriage? Seriously? Speaking the truth in love here, you didn’t pray for that baby – and you’re not praying for the one you’re carrying now if you need anti-depressant medication. You just don’t trust God enough.” Ten years ago, judgment showed up in the unsolicited phone call from a caring friend, who […]

Pass the Condemnation Please…

Perhaps the most common complaint I hear from a wife doing “The Respect Dare,” occurs after her husband does something nice for her. She will discount the gift, act of service, or kind words, usually because there’s something imperfect about it. “He’s just doing that because he has to.” “He doesn’t really feel that way.” […]

Okay, So I Lied.

I climbed in the car, and my dad asked me how it went. “I beat him up,” I replied. Waiting at the curb stood Matthew Brown, the big red-haired bully of Kindergarten. I stared at him as I literally said, “I gave him a left, then a right, then another left, then a right, and […]

I See You…

Saturday, I stood in the breezeway, sipping percolated coffee, watching our people play in the lake. At one point, the most mischievous of our three kiddos silently snuck towards his sister, intent upon capsizing her banana float and submerging her. He stopped momentarily, and glanced up at the cabin. “Are you watching me?” he called, […]