An Open Letter to Husbands…

An Open Letter to Husbands … You know the feeling, the heart-pounding, tight-chested, palm-sweating moment filled with dread. “OH NO. This can’t possibly end well,” you might think, as you watch her crying, listening to her complaining that she doesn’t feel loved. The adrenalin has kicked in and you feel close to panic. All you want to do is […]

We Are “In Trouble” and Respect Dare 35…

Tears leaked, slid down dry cheeks, dripped onto my shirt. Permanent kidney damage was likely for a dear friend of mine, one who spent time serving our ministry weekly. After 5 days in the hospital, she was home, still fighting the infection that refused to bow to modern medicine. She was worn. Tired. Sick. I […]

The Four States of Our Hearts …and Respect Dare #34

Our girl Maxine and her husband from today’s dare certainly had a marriage changing interaction, yes? In reviewing the dare for this week, it made me think deeply about how important our hearts are to our entire existence. Old and New Testament writers certainly didn’t know the physiology around this vital organ, but they certainly […]

All Men Want is Sex… ??

About once a week, I hear from a man regarding something I’ve written. The latest submission explained very clearly one man’s thoughts about what men want. What do you think? Here’s what he said: I read your 101 things to do for your Husband. Nicely written – but purely from a woman’s perspective. Men don’t […]

Have You Morphed into His Mom by Doing it ALL?? Respect Dare #33

A good friend of mine revealed recently that instead of being a solid life partner to her husband, somewhere along the line, she morphed into his mother. As I re-read Dare#33 today from The Respect Dare book, I can see how these things occur if situations like the one in the story happen over and […]

I Hurt A Sweet Woman…

Tuesday, I blogged about Dare 26, a reader’s experience with her husband when he was acting angry, and the battle that rages in our hearts toward each other in marriage. The big “A-Ha!” findings from Shaunti Feldhahn’s new book, Highly Happy Marriages, is that couples that are actually happy are doing these things: Paying attention to the “little […]

Six Ways to Overcome Your Husband’s Anger in the Midst of Conflict

Her husband is angry again. He paces back and forth in the bedroom, looking for his belt, his hand running through his hair. His face wears anxiety. Worry furrows his brow. “Can I help you with anything?” she asks. “I can’t tell you anything because you will think I’m telling you that you’re a bad […]