Dare #17 of The Respect Dare… How Do You REALLY Feel?

Today’s Dare always gives me pause. Truth is, when negative sentiment over-ride has created a place within a marriage, the wife often can’t translate what her husband actually DOES into a positive character trait. Often these folks are headed for separation or divorce and don’t even realize it. I’ve talked with too many wives who […]

Is your teen addicted to technology?

or why to stop doing your kids' homework...and help your kid get the good grades anyway...

Is your teen addicted to technology? Or are you wondering what you might do to keep that from happening? Does this effect their relationship with God, you, the rest of the family, and their friends? Of course it does. And we have a few thoughts on the subject. …  Ever get tempted to do their […]

When your teen is disrespectful…

and a parenting assessment that may shake you up a bit... *YIPES!*

Wondering what to do when your teen is disrespectful? Feeling brave? Join us in this assessment based on Biblical “what works” parenting tips – and at the end of this post, you’ll get a code to join us in our eCourse for With All Due Respect with $59 off the tuition, good through Friday, January […]

Got Submission?

Got submission? In November, a woman emailed about our Daughters of Sarah course and essentially said, “In Daughters, you say there’s a difference between ‘obeying’ my husband and ‘submitting’ to him – that I don’t have to obey him. Doesn’t God tell us in 1 Peter 3:1-6 to obey our husbands like Sarah did?” I […]

Why your relationship is a mess…

Why Your Relationship is a Mess… & What to DO about it… #2 Why your relationship is a mess… & What to Do about it… #2 You’d think this was simple business, right? Relationships can be so rewarding, so amazing, and then we wake up one day and … things have changed somehow. Suddenly, we […]