Marriage Myths that Might be Making a Mess of Your Marriage

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Debunking the Marriage Myths Over the next few weeks, I’m going to have some posts up about what is and isn’t true about marriage – and it’s based on research. We’ll be unpacking a few simple ideas that may have skewed your thinking for years, help you understand why they’re damaging, give you some ways […]

Dare #4 Are you sabotaging your marriage?


Dare #4 Are you sabotaging your marriage? You know you can set it up to succeed or fail, right? I know it takes two, yes, but when we’re thinking about our part, we need to pay attention to HOW we think about where our marriage is headed. Are we worrying about how it might fail? […]

Respect Your Husband 101

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Respect Your Husband 101* *oh, and can we add a bit of self-respect this year, also? It’s a new year, and we’re starting a new round of respect here on the blog. On Facebook, you may have seen the below: Expectations are important. The first dare deals with these because there are MANY things to […]

God Can Change Your Marriage in 2016

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Do you believe God can change your marriage in 2016? That’s half the battle, right there. Because maybe, just maybe, you’ve given up hope. What if the mess your marriage is in exists because of a number of God-created and poorly humanly handled circumstances and responses? Here’s what we know to be true, things that […]

When you feel like nothing you do or say matters…


You know that ugly, despairing, discouraged, pit-dwelling spot when you feel like nothing you do or say matters…? I know what that’s like. I know you do, too.  Sometimes this verse motivates, and sometimes, it sucks the life out of me – that’s when things are so hard you don’t know how to do the […]

When Girls Demonstrate Self Respect …

When Girls Demonstrate Self Respect … As raw and risky as it is to admit, there’s a small part of me eagerly waiting for the day about a decade or more from now when I notice that my daughter and I are just friends. And I say, “just friends,” because the carpooling to play practices, voice lessons, […]

Got a struggling husband?

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I have a struggling husband and… I have no idea how to help him.  Now and again, we get an inquiry like the above – a wife interested in helping her husband who’s having a rotten time at work. Men who are NOT struggling need fairly simple and consistent things from their wives. Men who […]

Married? Miss THIS and you miss a LOT…

The Respect Dare

Maybe you’ve got this little secret-to-helping-your-marriage gem down solid-style, but if you don’t, if you miss this, you miss a LOT. Been here? 4:30pm. Kids running through the house, chasing each other, squealing like pigs. Dog barking. Phone ringing. Pot boiling. And he’ll be home in an hour. To this chaos. The messy Now you […]

New Dare Journey – Got Expectations?


As promised, today we begin our new dare journey – it’s for any woman, married or not, of any age. You can find the back story here. Invite friends. I can’t wait to get started! 🙂 I’m looking at this as “Respect 101 – Respecting God, Ourselves, and Others” Dare 1 Got Expectations? A gangly […]