A Small Request…

We’re back in studio today to finish the taping for Daughters of Sarah Part 1 – the first seven weeks of the video program. Will you please pray that all goes well? We’re thankful for your prayers. This is a big month for us, obviously, with the last work being completed. And don’t forget that […]

5 Steps to Putting the Brakes on Divorce…


Maybe you’re thinking about it. Maybe the dreaded, “D-word” has popped out of your mouth in a sentence. Maybe you find yourself thinking, “I can’t keep living like this. I need to get away from this pain.” Or… “I hate him/her.” Or even worse, “I feel nothing towards him/her anymore. Why am I even bothering?” […]

Dare 1 of The RESPECT DARE…Expectations

Sitting next to each other in the church pew at a conference for young girls and their moms, my daughter and I smiled at each other. Standing and worshiping together, we clapped hands, waved our arms, and sang our hearts out. We took notes sitting side by side and ate Chick-Fil-A sandwiches for lunch.  We […]