Got a Difficult Marriage? Here’s Hope…

“Those are pretty flowers. Who are they for?” he asked. “Me. I had a horrible week and no one noticed, so I bought them for myself to cheer me up – they were the cheap ones at the grocery, so no worries, okay?” she responded. Silence. She knew he just didn’t know what to say. […]

Has He Changed?

After an exhausting and difficult week, and frankly getting ready to start the next one just as tired, God blessed me in one of my favorite ways. He reminded me of the work He is doing through The Respect Dare book. I have always said I don’t take any credit or responsibility for what He […]

Taken for Granted…?

Philippians 4:8  Finally, brothers, whatever is true… The first 20 minutes of this morning were spent being smacked upside the head with the obvious, which unfortunately, I’ve ignored too often. I woke to fresh ground brewed coffee that my husband made before he left for work.  I noticed he made more than what he would drink, […]

Wondering What Respect IS?

Ephesians 5:33b commands us to respect our husbands. Unconditionally. The culture teaches that respect must be earned. I remember the first time I realized the above, confused, frustrated, and a little angry, I wallowed in cognitive dissonance for several weeks. Something within me revolted at the notion of unconditionally respecting someone who didn’t “deserve it.” […]

I Need and Want a Strong Loving Man…You?

Yesterday, in one of my son’s high school PEP classes, the teacher discussed an ancient culture. When asked how this very old society viewed women, my son answered correctly, that the culture looked at men as superior because they were physically stronger. He didn’t say he agreed or disagreed with this position, he just simply stated […]

What’s the Difference between Being Disrespectful and Being Helpful?

We pulled into the church parking lot a few minutes late yesterday. The husband of a friend of ours walked with his kids behind us, calling out to my husband. They were visiting our church. They also weren’t frequent attenders. He and his sons were without his wife, as she was working the weekend. The […]

Fool Me Once…

Literally 3 times this week, people have flat out lied to me, and strangely enough, all have been experiences within the context of apologies. Our internet and phone has been down, and the service provider told me they’d have it fixed by this morning. I clarified this statement with them. Twice. “So if I understand […]