Got a struggling husband?

struggling husbands need... (1)

I have a struggling husband and... I have no idea how to help him.  Now and again, we get an inquiry like the above - a wife interested in helping her husband who's having a rotten time at work. Men who are NOT struggling need fairly simple and consistent things from their wives. Men who are Continue Reading

Ever wonder why you are on the planet?

Have you ever wondered why you breathe? Have you ever had that depressed, discouraged, "Oh, why am I even bothering?" hopeless-style response to life's circumstances? If you have served Him in ministry for a while, struggle with depression, or worse, both, you know what I'm talking about. I have Continue Reading

Disappointed? Dare 7 of the new journey…

When I wrap up my identity in how God(4)

Disappointed? With yourself? With God? I get this... The college sophomore stared back at me in the mirror. Who was she? I had no idea. But I needed to find out – and fast. Back in the dark ages, when I attended university, credits got counted by quarters. I’d been floundering for Continue Reading

Married? Miss THIS and you miss a LOT…

The Respect Dare

Maybe you've got this little secret-to-helping-your-marriage gem down solid-style, but if you don't, if you miss this, you miss a LOT. Been here? 4:30pm. Kids running through the house, chasing each other, squealing like pigs. Dog barking. Phone ringing. Pot boiling. And he'll be home Continue Reading

Is he right about submission?

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Am interested in hearing your response here - seriously would like to know what YOU think about this guy and if he's right about submission! :) My husband insists that I 'obey' him. He says that 'submit' is exactly the same as obedience and that I am sinning by not doing everything he says without Continue Reading

Got Friends? Dare 6 of the new dare journey…

No matter what the media tells you, we

Dare 6 - Got Friends? You could take one look at me as an 11 year-old and feel my pain. I often stood at the fence outside the school, dreading another day of torturous interaction with my classmates. My gangly arms and legs and too big tortoise-shell glasses framed my small genderless face, and I Continue Reading

How to mess up your marriage…

be his best friend

A few people near and dear to me are getting married soon - and I wanted to encourage them (and us all) by sharing our "best advice" and those things that really can mess up your marriage. I'd love you to join in with your suggestions in the comments today. Remember, we don't give advice really, Continue Reading

YOU made something happen… :)


I will get to what you made happen in a few minutes – it will be worth the wait! But I want to give you some context though, share some things just a few people close to me know. My favorite story in The RESPECT Dare is about a young woman who imagines herself in Peter’s shoes. Continue Reading


Many minutia moments done well over time(1)

Friends, we are seeing glory revealed - and the load seems a little lighter because of YOU - THANK YOU!! You have been so so patient with me as I spend most of my time doing life and getting our team ready for Boot Camp. I promise we'll get back to marriage advice and the new dare journey when Continue Reading