Wondering What Respect IS?

Ephesians 5:33b commands us to respect our husbands. Unconditionally. The culture teaches that respect must be earned. I remember the first time I realized the above, confused, frustrated, and a little angry, I wallowed in cognitive dissonance for several weeks. Something within me revolted at the notion of unconditionally respecting someone who didn’t “deserve it.” […]

Whose Side are You on Today?

I remember it as though it occurred yesterday. Having lain unsleeping for two hours, tossing and turning, 4am roused me out of the bed completely. I descended the stairs to the cold family room, pulled a blanket around me and started reading. It was early spring, so the resurrection called. I knew the story. What […]

What are You Waiting For?

“I married a Christian man who promised me we’d spend time in the Word together every day when we got married. It’s been 20 years and I’m still waiting.” “I thought he was such a good Christian man, he wouldn’t even pray with me before we got married, because he said that people told him […]