Feel Like a Doormat?

“How are you?” I asked. “It’s DECEMBER, you know,” she replied. I nodded knowingly. I wish the reality of my response had instead been confusion, and “Oh? What do you mean?” But the truth is, I’m trying to recover from about a decade of not handling December well. The last three, maybe even four years […]

Top 10 Ways to Disrespect Yourself…

The Respect Dare journey can be a difficult to do, depending on several factors: The extent to which you respect yourself (have healthy boundaries with other people) How much you wrap your identity up in what God says, as opposed to what people say (if we are constantly seeking approval, or conversely, watching eagerly for […]

Is it Worth it?

What if one of your kids had the opportunity to become famous? What if that opportunity meant life as you know it would dramatically change? No more family dinners, no more having a life of your own for anyone in the family – even the other kids would have to give up their favorite activities […]

Want More Confidence?

Ever have someone say something that totally catches you off guard?  And then not know how to respond?  I was chatting recently with a friend of mine and she totally surprised me. “I wish I could be like you – you are fearless,” she told me. As I listened, I caught my mouth agape. “What?! […]

And once again, I behaved badly…

“I can’t believe you didn’t remember your shoes!!” I know I reminded her. I know she’s 9. But now we can’t go in the store. Again. The Holy Spirit helped me stifle the critical remark threatening to escape my lips. You know the one that starts, “How many times have I told you to…” I […]