Can She Leave Him?


She had read all the books, seen the counselor, been to the retreats and tried her best. Yes, she had prayed. Yes, she had cried. Yes. He still drank, womanized, was financially irresponsible, or whatever, but she felt scared and unloved and hurt. She hurt. What most men fail to Continue Reading

What We Haven’t Been Taught…

In honor of the abundant life Christ came to earth to grace us with, I've put up a post that may seem like a gift to some. It's a bit of truth that we have never seen anyone else write about, but one that brings life to His people. I may take some hits for this, but feel led to put it up Continue Reading

My Husband’s Sin – What do I do?

**If you aren't married, or don't have a husband struggling with pornography, you may want to skip this one, as it might offend you. Not that it's graphic, but it's not a fun topic, and just the thought of it offends some women. In response to the ladies who are struggling in this area, I'm writing Continue Reading

In Pursuit of Forbidden Fruit…

"I don't know why I did it," my friend cried to me. "I never started with this in mind…it was just so nice to have someone paying attention to me, saying nice things to me, caring what I thought for once," she continued. "Is it over?" I asked her. "Yes," she replied. "How far did things go?" I Continue Reading

But I Feel So Alone…

"Is this my lot in life? To forever have sorrow and pain as my companions? Will I never have the joy and peace promised me because of my husband's sin?" My friend wept and I honestly didn't know what to say to her. The man she trusted her heart to so many years prior seemed to actively choose the Continue Reading