5 Reasons Not to Quit Your Marriage

why to keep hanging on when you think it is over...


You might need more than 5 reasons not to quit your marriage. All I have today is 5. Hang on to the end, and you’ll understand why. If you’re looking for hope today, it’s my goal to dish some. (and I have a prayer request, if it’s okay) … Friday, Jim and I sat in […]

Dare Nineteen… The Respect Dare


Just an inside tidbit of debated truth in our house – it wasn’t 17 frying pans. It was 27. And yes, gluttony rears its ugly head in multiple ways, at church picnics, and in keeping and acquiring. So now we have 8 pans we fry in. And while I’d love to be inspirational today, love […]

Small Things…

Small moments that make up the entirety of a day have become to accumulate. And somehow, it is Wednesday afternoon already. I wrote for a post on PeacefulWife.com. Actually He wrote it – I’m so stinkin’ brain dead and tired I know I had little, if anything, to do with it… I love how it […]

Can You Trust Him?

So today’s the day. We packed up clothes for the week, and a pillow pet hippo, and left around 5:30am. And we’ve been sitting here in the hospital surgery waiting area for a while. No news yet, but gobs of prayers.  Meanwhile, back behind those doors over there, a team of experts is inserting a […]

Got Troubles?

Friday, fear’s flaming tongue licked around the edges of my world as symptoms heralding the potential presence of a devastating disease for one of my children made itself known at a routine doctor’s appointment. Saturday brought with it the news that our other son would also be having his second surgery this summer. Two teenagers […]

Got Fear?

Multiple times a day, my heart begins to pound and my eyes fill with tears as the hot flames of fear lick around the edges of my mother’s heart. One of our sons will be having surgery this year. We have already “been there and done that” with his older brother – with the same […]