What’s All The Fuss about Miley??

In the wake of Miley Cyrus’ activities of late, many are discussing modesty and cultural norms for women. The church is being both criticized for being restrictive and rules-based, and simultaneously hailed for helping young girls navigate these waters. The secular culture is also criticized for promoting self-debasing activities and fashion for women, and hailed […]

For Once I Got it Right!

My mother-in-law gave me the best advice when I had my first child. It was the week before I returned to my part-time training job in the evenings. I was lamenting leaving the baby with my husband (her son) and all the things he wouldn’t know to do because he didn’t take care of him […]

Got a Difficult Marriage? Here’s Hope…

“Those are pretty flowers. Who are they for?” he asked. “Me. I had a horrible week and no one noticed, so I bought them for myself to cheer me up – they were the cheap ones at the grocery, so no worries, okay?” she responded. Silence. She knew he just didn’t know what to say. […]

Got Arguments or Difficult People?

I buried my face in the horse’s mane and circled my arms around his neck. Hank’s gentleness and calm spirit was exactly what I needed. He simply stood and let me hug him for a little while, his warm hair against my cheek, his head resting on my shoulder. He didn’t even fish for the […]

How to Raise A Selfish Child…

A dear friend of mine told me this morning that it’s truly impossible to shelter our children – she said, “My own sin did as much damage as anything in the world could have!” I know she’s right. My sinful nature screams loudly and clearly a stark contrast to the Bible. And I’ve seen my […]