Got a Difficult Marriage? Here’s Hope…

“Those are pretty flowers. Who are they for?” he asked. “Me. I had a horrible week and no one noticed, so I bought them for myself to cheer me up – they were the cheap ones at the grocery, so no worries, okay?” she responded. Silence. She knew he just didn’t know what to say. […]

Got Arguments or Difficult People?

I buried my face in the horse’s mane and circled my arms around his neck. Hank’s gentleness and calm spirit was exactly what I needed. He simply stood and let me hug him for a little while, his warm hair against my cheek, his head resting on my shoulder. He didn’t even fish for the […]

How to Raise A Selfish Child…

A dear friend of mine told me this morning that it’s truly impossible to shelter our children – she said, “My own sin did as much damage as anything in the world could have!” I know she’s right. My sinful nature screams loudly and clearly a stark contrast to the Bible. And I’ve seen my […]

What Teenagers (and spouses) Want…

We’re doing the “Strong Challenge” that Crossroads church in Cincinnati started, along with about 50,000 other people, in one of our small groups. This week, we were supposed to focus on prayer. If you click on the above link and watch Brian Tome, you’ll hear some of the most powerful information about prayer I’ve ever […]


Last night, one of my teen boys came up from behind me when I was getting ready for bed, and sheepishly told me, “I’m sorry I was so rotten when we were doing math…” “I forgive you, baby.” He’d been angry, but I knew it was at himself, and not me. He doesn’t like to […]

Avoiding Spousal or Kid Relationship Destruction… As you can see in the text, there’s a “Who do we think we are?!” point to be heeded. It’s clear that the moment we start thinking we are something, we should begin learning that we aren’t any better than those around us. I always grimace when I’m working with someone who thinks he […]