I jumped the gun… once again…

Or how excitement makes you (okay, ME) wrong sometimes...

YES!!! I jumped the gun again… So back in the dark ages when I was a human resources manager, a friend who worked for me lovingly said, “So you know you have a “ready-fire-aim” approach to um…like everything…? right?” Um… NO. I didn’t know that. I tend to think of it a little differently, like […]

2 ways to help turn kids into grown-ups

AKA they don't live with you when they are 35...

Part of our job as parents is to help our kids mature, so here’s 2 ways to help turn a kid into a grown-up. Do you have that moment when you look forward to  your kids moving out? You know, the feeling that comes after a sarcastic comment or a wildly emotional issue? The answer […]

Can I trouble you for a prayer?

Honestly, I am floored by how quickly the days are moving. I have so much to tell you, and little time – but I would bet you are also trying to figure out summer with kids, driving people around, dealing with your garden, and trying to keep first things first. I love this, with regard […]

What to Do with Pain… and Dare Thirty-Six

Eyes wet, tears slipped down her face. Drowning in sorrow over wrong doing and lack of hope, she fought the hardening of her heart, somewhat unsuccessfully. She’s waited for years for things to be different. Worked hard, obeyed, confessed. Whom could she talk to? Who would understand? To her, it seemed like there was no one. … […]

The Respect Dare… Dare Fifteen… GOT STUFF?

It was 35 years ago. I stood outside the police station with a group of  12 year olds, waiting for things to get started.  As I watched my dad drive away in the car, my heart started to pound.  The police officer outside started collecting the permission slips from the other kids…and I realized mine […]

What’s All The Fuss about Miley??

In the wake of Miley Cyrus’ activities of late, many are discussing modesty and cultural norms for women. The church is being both criticized for being restrictive and rules-based, and simultaneously hailed for helping young girls navigate these waters. The secular culture is also criticized for promoting self-debasing activities and fashion for women, and hailed […]

For Once I Got it Right!

My mother-in-law gave me the best advice when I had my first child. It was the week before I returned to my part-time training job in the evenings. I was lamenting leaving the baby with my husband (her son) and all the things he wouldn’t know to do because he didn’t take care of him […]