What if Changing A Marriage Was Simple?

do unto others respect

One night, I said, "I can't believe what I'm hearing from you. I just don't even know what to do here." My teenager threw his hands up in the air, and stomped out of the room. I was left standing, seething. He probably felt the same thing. I was exasperating him (sin, btw), and he wasn’t Continue Reading

It’s a New Day…


A few years ago, I had a rather heated discussion with someone about whether or not a good God allowed bad things to happen. I believe He does. If He doesn't, then He's pretty small. I need to believe that the Creator of the Universe loves me enough to teach me things - sometimes the hard way Continue Reading

I Can’t Take Another Day…


    "33 years is a long time to have a parched soul," she said. The words, "wimpy," or "spoiled," do not apply to her. Their marriage has weathered an affair, unemployment, miscarriage, 6 children, various parenting heartaches and a few bouts of depression. And this day, Continue Reading

Should She Leave Him?


A woman shared with me recently how her husband made a purchase that was well outside their budgeting possibilities. Another revealed how her power was shut off because he wouldn't pay the bills. And yet another woman tearfully shared how her husband was having an affair with a woman at work. And I Continue Reading


After having a very minor surgical procedure done today, I quite unglamorously fainted at the doctor's office. Having skipped breakfast (and lunch) and just grabbed a power bar as I was driving to the appointment, I didn't realize that the lack of food would literally cause me to fall. And yes, I Continue Reading

When He Delights in Us…

Early this morning, lying in bed, I snuggled and buried my face in the luxurious softness of our golden retriever puppy's coat. She groaned happily at me, and I groaned back a happy noise to her. She licked my nose. I giggled and her entire body wagged at me with exuberance. Literally filled with Continue Reading

But I Feel So Alone…

"Is this my lot in life? To forever have sorrow and pain as my companions? Will I never have the joy and peace promised me because of my husband's sin?" My friend wept and I honestly didn't know what to say to her. The man she trusted her heart to so many years prior seemed to actively choose the Continue Reading