What Makes You Defensive is Often a Lie…

Sometimes the only exercise we get is jumping to conclusions. But when we land, we will frequently land on our spouse's heart - because all too often, conclusions are wrong. And the Bible is pretty clear about how we are to engage in conflict. Matthew 7:15 tells us not to judge, yet we do anyway, Continue Reading

the respect dare … and little things

A young man with whom I am well acquainted and I had a rather disturbing discussion.  Without being too specific, let's just say that an incident occured in which a lack of common sense resulted in a small catastrophe.  I realize that individuals under the age of 25 are lacking in the frontal lobe Continue Reading

the respect dare … and His blessings

After the morning run today, and after filling my head (and heart) with His Word, I rested near our garden pond and listened to the water cascading over the rocks into the water.  Glancing back toward the house, I caught an interesting reflection in the large bay windows.  The reflection of a large Continue Reading

the respect dare… for non-Christians

So today, I had a discussion with someone at great length about how she can't possibly respect her husband - he needs to earn it, he hasn't done anything worthy of it...etc.  Problem is that she's not a Christian, so I had to approach her from a different angle...she didn't want to hear anything Continue Reading