Got Sorrows?

Throat tight, fiercely pounding heart throbs in my ears. Eyes wet. And that smell. Why do hospitals always have that smell? We walked silently to the elevator together after meeting with the doctor. I wasn’t sure I’d make it. My legs felt funny. Weak. Wobbly. I literally didn’t know what to say. How does one […]

Inside One Man’s Head… from Kyle Hargrove

Alex and Blake had spent most of the day deer hunting, deep in the woods, and after a long, unfruitful hunt, were conversing in the semi-darkness around the campfire. Alex asked, “Blake, do you ever wonder why women take everything we say so personally?” Blake replied, “Yep, I do.” Alex then said, “Yesterday was her […]

3 Quick Ways to Save Your Marriage Today…

Dr. John Gottman has spent his life studying what REALLY works in marriage. He’s made a number of astounding discoveries, not the least of which is the reason counseling only works in turning around a marriage about 25% of the time: much of what we have been taught was not designed for a marriage application, […]

Don’t Worry, Be Happy…Yeah, RIGHT.

Unfortunately, “Where’s MY happy ending?” is a question too women are asking these days. And it starts really young. I met with a 17 year old girl recently who told me she found the question, “What is love?” really confusing. “Disney’s told me one thing, the church has told me another, and I have no […]

Got Help?

There were three periods in my life where I prayed consistently for patience for several weeks at a time. I don’t know about you, but I can be a little slow in learning. It took me nearly six years to figure out that every time I prayed for patience, I got pregnant. I stopped asking. […]

Do You Feel “Less-Than?”

You’ll hopefully be relieved to know I’m not going to talk about Genesis 1.1 again today. But we are still in chapter 1. Hope you are okay with that. And you should know that Leah and I worked it out, and I’m still leaning toward the Monday-Wednesday-sometimes Friday thing, unless God has something different in […]

Missing …

I could see her black and white polka dot leggings beneath the hanging banners. Her moving spotted legs kept my attention. Eleven years old and too young to wander the museum alone, I continued to monitor her location literally every few seconds. Two weeks ago, we were in Munich, Germany, at the Dauchau concentration camp. […]