Got Love?

Love your God.  Love your neighbor… We’ve heard these as the two biggest commandments of Him Whom we follow. “If I really have a love relationship with God, it will show up in the way I treat my neighbors…” ~ Pastor Dick Lehman, Faith Church, 6/10/12 So, how’s that going?  🙂 How are we doing […]

A Present for You…

Fifteen years old, waking with tempered hope Christmas morning in a hotel room, I crawled out of bed and walked to the window. More snow on the ground, steam rising from the hot springs, and I felt conflicted. My parents decided this year to spend “what we would have spent” on Christmas at a resort […]

I Need and Want a Strong Loving Man…You?

Yesterday, in one of my son’s high school PEP classes, the teacher discussed an ancient culture. When asked how this very old society viewed women, my son answered correctly, that the culture looked at men as superior because they were physically stronger. He didn’t say he agreed or disagreed with this position, he just simply stated […]

Love AND Respect…

In the midst of an overscheduled fall (no one’s fault but my own, and yes, that’s sin, but that’s another story) my husband and I discovered a painful truth. We’d taken our marriage for granted.  When things are good, sometimes we just stop paying attention them. Maybe in your situation, you are still daily showing […]

I See You…

Saturday, I stood in the breezeway, sipping percolated coffee, watching our people play in the lake. At one point, the most mischievous of our three kiddos silently snuck towards his sister, intent upon capsizing her banana float and submerging her. He stopped momentarily, and glanced up at the cabin. “Are you watching me?” he called, […]

Tears, Family, Golden Retrievers, and God’s Character

Standing in the emergency vet lobby, nearly blinded by tears, I again dialed my husband’s cell phone and once more heard his voice mail. In my mind, I envisioned him sitting next to our middle son at the Red’s baseball game, his cell phone turned off in the pocket of his cargo shorts. For a […]