I Can’t Take Another Day…


    "33 years is a long time to have a parched soul," she said. The words, "wimpy," or "spoiled," do not apply to her. Their marriage has weathered an affair, unemployment, miscarriage, 6 children, various parenting heartaches and a few bouts of depression. And this day, Continue Reading

Married with Children? Or Without? By Choice?


I stood in the kitchen making dinner and my nearly 12 year old daughter says to me, "I now know why it is so hard to be a mom." My interest piqued, I asked her to tell me more. With two teenage brothers, and being the baby of the family, she knows nearly everything a little earlier than Continue Reading

I Want What I Want When I Want it..You?

Years ago, when I was HR director for a manufacturing company, one of our top candidates was also interviewing at our competitor's company. I remember the VP of Operations telling me, "Offer him more money. Everyone has their price." While I can't remember now if we got the candidate, I do remember Continue Reading

Thanks for Grounding Me…??

"Thank you, mom, for loving me enough to follow through. I appreciate that you grounded me," my child said to me. Wait. What? Thank you? I asked said child, "Why do you appreciate getting grounded? You are missing out on your friends and video game time…and tv…??" I was mystified. "Because Continue Reading

Giving Away Stuff That’s Not Mine…

One of the 215 kids in vacation Bible school came up to me clutching one of the church's Bibles yesterday. "Can I keep this? I don't have one at home," his pleading eyes searched my face for the answer he hoped for. "Of course! You keep that. Put it with your things in the back." Then I realized Continue Reading

Purpose in the Pain

A young boy wandered over to me today after I taught the lesson at Vacation Bible School. He said, "If my mommy and daddy would just obey God, then they wouldn't fight any more and I wouldn't be sad." He looked about all of 9 years old. I said, "That might be true. But you can't control what they Continue Reading