Ever Feel Like You’ve been Lied to?

Happens all the time, doesn’t it? 3 siblings. Each with a different version of what happened. Parent hears the most effective communicator of the 3 tell the story. Believes. Other parent hears the other 2’s versions… not sure who to believe. Parents discuss. They disagree. Get kids together. Go through the whole thing again. As […]

Want Some Gasoline with Your Fire?

“I don’t know what to do,” I whined to my mom. “She keeps going ‘thbbbbbpppt’ in my face and spraying me with spit. I just hate it.” “Slap her,” she said. Shocked at this suggestion, I winced at the thought. “You must slap this girl. Full across the face. HARD. She will keep doing this […]

Pass the Condemnation Please…

Perhaps the most common complaint I hear from a wife doing “The Respect Dare,” occurs after her husband does something nice for her. She will discount the gift, act of service, or kind words, usually because there’s something imperfect about it. “He’s just doing that because he has to.” “He doesn’t really feel that way.” […]