Are You a Peaceful Wife?


One of my favorite things about doing ministry is the stellar people that I meet. This gal is one of them. I love the title of her blog: Peaceful Wife. The concept of peace is one that eludes many of us, but finding our identity in Christ impacts that dramatically.  J There's volumes of info on her Continue Reading

Proverbs 31 Woman – Slap Her or …?

Forever will I remember the first time I heard about the woman in Proverbs 31. Sitting in Bible study with a group of older women (not just in age, but in maturity) the leader, a woman in her 70's, read the verse and asked my favorite question ever asked in a Bible study: "Who would like to slap the Continue Reading

Love AND Respect…

In the midst of an overscheduled fall (no one's fault but my own, and yes, that's sin, but that's another story) my husband and I discovered a painful truth. We'd taken our marriage for granted.  When things are good, sometimes we just stop paying attention them. Maybe in your situation, you are Continue Reading

Ever Been Exhausted?

And sick? And have too much to do, with no one else to do it but you? All at the same time? Boy, do I know how you feel. So in the midst of my self-induced pity party this morning, while reading Proverbs 6, God taught me two things: 1) I needed to stop whining and get to work; and 2) I needed a Continue Reading

I See You…

Saturday, I stood in the breezeway, sipping percolated coffee, watching our people play in the lake. At one point, the most mischievous of our three kiddos silently snuck towards his sister, intent upon capsizing her banana float and submerging her. He stopped momentarily, and glanced up at the Continue Reading

Driving Under the Influence of Anger…

I apologized to my husband for driving into the side of the garage. Acting childishly, and furious at him over something stupid (and not the point of this blog, so I won't go into it), I hastily pulled away, paying no attention to the enormous dwelling next to the vehicle, clipping the brick and Continue Reading

But I Feel So Alone…

"Is this my lot in life? To forever have sorrow and pain as my companions? Will I never have the joy and peace promised me because of my husband's sin?" My friend wept and I honestly didn't know what to say to her. The man she trusted her heart to so many years prior seemed to actively choose the Continue Reading