Good Mom?


The boy stretched his arms upward in expectation. “Carry me, Mommy,” he said. Instead of lifting him, the very pregnant woman squatted next to him and steadied her swollen body. “Oh, I wish I could, sweetie,” she said. “Mommy’s too pregnant to lift you for a while. How about we hold hands as we walk […]

You are Invited… into Perhaps The Unthinkable…


Abuse. Rape. Bullying. Assault. Poverty. Debt. Identity Theft. Worthlessness. Fear. Covetousness. Discontent. Malice. Strife. Murder. Unforgiveness. Do you have a list like this? Most people have a “bucket list” of wondrous things they wish to do before they die. What many fail to realize that as long as our buckets are filled with the garbage […]

Time for Apology?


When I woke this morning, I knew God wanted me to share with you that I had sinned against my husband, hurt his feelings, and what happened as a result. I wasn’t surprised, therefore, when I read Proverbs 28 today, in verse 13: “He who conceals his sins does not prosper, but whoever confesses and […]


Last night, one of my teen boys came up from behind me when I was getting ready for bed, and sheepishly told me, “I’m sorry I was so rotten when we were doing math…” “I forgive you, baby.” He’d been angry, but I knew it was at himself, and not me. He doesn’t like to […]