What God told me He wanted for Christmas…

I might be publicly asking the people with the white coats to show up this year by saying “God told me what He wanted for Christmas” – I mean, for some, “hearing from God” is akin to “being crazy” so feel free if you want to judge me that way. I don’t care because you […]

Should She Leave Him?

A woman shared with me recently how her husband made a purchase that was well outside their budgeting possibilities. Another revealed how her power was shut off because he wouldn’t pay the bills. And yet another woman tearfully shared how her husband was having an affair with a woman at work. And I can’t even […]

Can’t Find Joy in the Poo?

I opened my blog manager today and the reader had a quote that I’ve mistakenly thought for YEARS was original to myself. It’s something we say in our ministry all the time. We literally have it on a sign in our office. “Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly until you do it well.“ Apparently […]

Are You a Peaceful Wife?

One of my favorite things about doing ministry is the stellar people that I meet. This gal is one of them. I love the title of her blog: Peaceful Wife. The concept of peace is one that eludes many of us, but finding our identity in Christ impacts that dramatically.  J There’s volumes of info […]

Feel Taken for Granted?

My daughter explained to me the difficulty of auditioning for a lead in a musical yesterday. “It’s harder when you know the director. It’s like you’ve messed up already in front of her, so why try your best? I always work harder when it’s someone new, that’s why I always do better.” Clueless as to […]

Want Joy – in the midst of this?

This week started quiet: breakfast, home school, kids, and something unusual – a fun prayer group texting about a forty-something friend running the Boston Marathon. My morning run, squeezed in between teaching 5th grade math and history, took me by our friend’s house a few times. As I passed the driveway, an older man emptied […]

Got Storms?

I marvel at what God accomplishes through the lives of obedient women. I absolutely love spending time listening to their experiences with The Respect Dare – I feel He wrote the book, and their experiences add depth and a richness to the small bit of understanding I have about it. This week, I had the […]

Don’t Trust Me…

I sat on the floor this morning with our 8 month-old, 40 pound, golden retriever puppy on my lap, knowing it was just a matter of time before my anxiety was legitimized. I held her paw in my hand, and she affectionately licked me on the nose. I smiled thinly and continued clipping her nails, […]

Too Many Friends…

Like nearly every other secular teen girl at the time, my heart ached to be someone else. We scoped each other out and measured ourselves against what we saw. So-and-so’s long, curly, flowing, hair emulated perfection. Another’s parents’ money dressed her in the latest fashion (which the time mainly consisted of bell bottom jeans and […]