Would you trust your kid with THIS?


Would you trust your kid with THIS? Today’s post is a guest entry from my co-author of the book, With All Due Respect, Debbie Hitchcock. Dare you to think about how this topic would be handled by you and your husband today – not just with your teen. Would you be on the same page? […]

7 Ways to Kick Satan’s Butt

aka...getting unstuck when life's getting you down...


There are seriously more than 7 ways to kick satan’s butt, and I know I don’t often blog about him at all, but I’m feeling led, so here we go. (know that if your marriage is hard, one of the best ways to boot satan is to join our Strength & Dignity eCourse – I […]

5 Reasons Not to Quit Your Marriage

why to keep hanging on when you think it is over...


You might need more than 5 reasons not to quit your marriage. All I have today is 5. Hang on to the end, and you’ll understand why. If you’re looking for hope today, it’s my goal to dish some. (and I have a prayer request, if it’s okay) … Friday, Jim and I sat in […]

How to be calm during conflict…

and how you can help your kids, your spouse, and your team stop freaking out

take your businessto the next level! (2)

Wish you knew how to be calm during conflict?  Dare 4: Whatever We Pay Attention to Grows (yes, I’m writing another book – this time one about respecting self & others, and it will deal with handling conflict, deflating defensiveness, and creating communities of mutual respect and accountability – you can sign up by subscribing […]

Lose weight and keep it off…

...how changing how you think & how you receive & give love can change your life...


If there were a way for you to lose weight and keep it off wouldn’t you want to know about it? What if the method didn’t involve copious amounts of exercise and calorie counting, discouragement, frustration, and disappointment… and landed you lighter – forever – wouldn’t that be something you’d want even more? I’m going […]

I Hurt A Sweet Woman…

daily life dog

Tuesday, I blogged about Dare 26, a reader’s experience with her husband when he was acting angry, and the battle that rages in our hearts toward each other in marriage. The big “A-Ha!” findings from Shaunti Feldhahn’s new book, Highly Happy Marriages, is that couples that are actually happy are doing these things: Paying attention to the “little […]

Six Ways to Overcome Your Husband’s Anger in the Midst of Conflict

way of the accuser vs Christ

Her husband is angry again. He paces back and forth in the bedroom, looking for his belt, his hand running through his hair. His face wears anxiety. Worry furrows his brow. “Can I help you with anything?” she asks. “I can’t tell you anything because you will think I’m telling you that you’re a bad […]