Who Should Leave in YOUR Marriage?

create positive interactions today

This morning I had the privilege of participating in a conference call with a group of women learning to respect their husbands. The ministry that sponsored the call is the Annointed Wives Ministry and they hail from Chicago. They are awesome. You should totally check them out above. During the call, (and OH IT WAS EARLY… […]

3 Quick Ways to Save Your Marriage Today…

Dr. John Gottman has spent his life studying what REALLY works in marriage. He’s made a number of astounding discoveries, not the least of which is the reason counseling only works in turning around a marriage about 25% of the time: much of what we have been taught was not designed for a marriage application, […]

How to Calm Down an Angry Husband

Your husband says to you, “You never…” or “You always…” or whatever.  Your natural reaction is to be what?  How about ticked? Or hurt. Or worse yet, scared. But yes, probably angry.  Unless you are scared.  Or don’t know what to do.  And that usually results in being a doormat.  Which doesn’t work, either. So […]

Want to Improve Your Relationships?


…with your kids? Or your husband? Or your parents? Here’s some Truth today: 2 Timothy 1:7 For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but rather gives us power, love, and self-discipline. Know someone who could use that Word? Feel free to share it with them. His Word brings life and light […]

Is Your Marriage Hard?


I received an email last week from a gal dealing with a very specific problem in her marriage. She asked me for advice. I have a standard response for those types of emails… I always let them know up front that I’m not a counselor, and what they get from me might be worth exactly […]

Got Arguing? Want to Stop Some of It?


That wasn’t right. Her husband, telling a story about one of their kids, got part of it wrong. Ever been there? Listening to him, knowing his facts are incorrect… Ever jump in and make it “right?” Or do you let him be wrong? Some of us are throwing our relationships on the sword of “truth” […]