What’s Going on With Daughters of Sarah?

overcome fears Annie

In the middle of a challenging week waiting on doctors to return phone calls and too many things to do, I still have this labor of love to talk about, to answer the question, "What's going on with Daughters of Sarah?" A lot is going on. 7 years of hard work has been going on... with God leading, Continue Reading

The Respect Dare… Dare Fifteen… GOT STUFF?

philippians 4 8

It was 35 years ago. I stood outside the police station with a group of  12 year olds, waiting for things to get started.  As I watched my dad drive away in the car, my heart started to pound.  The police officer outside started collecting the permission slips from the other kids...and I realized Continue Reading

A Small Request…

We're back in studio today to finish the taping for Daughters of Sarah Part 1 - the first seven weeks of the video program. Will you please pray that all goes well? We're thankful for your prayers. This is a big month for us, obviously, with the last work being completed. And don't forget Continue Reading

Is it Wrong to Long for MORE in Your Marriage?

I have a dear friend whose mother is mentally ill. The verbal assaults and criticisms my friend endures not only surprise but sadden me. When asked about it, however, my friend has an interesting response: "I know how she is. Her words don't really hurt me, because she doesn't know any better. Yes, Continue Reading

Will You Join Me?

5:45am. She stood in the dark kitchen, penning a note to her husband. I mis-spoke last night. I’m sorry I snapped at you and pitched a fit over the issue. Please forgive me for not speaking respectfully and losing self-control. I was wrong. I will try to not do it again. Let’s talk more about it Continue Reading

Feel Like a Doormat?

"How are you?" I asked. "It's DECEMBER, you know," she replied. I nodded knowingly. I wish the reality of my response had instead been confusion, and "Oh? What do you mean?" But the truth is, I'm trying to recover from about a decade of not handling December well. The last three, maybe Continue Reading

What Submissive Wives are NOT…

In both Proverbs 25 and Proverbs 26, there is mention of the consequences of being "quarrelsome." This is important. In marriage, being a "quarrelsome wife" results in your husband wanting to "live on the corner of the roof." As a man, being "quarrelsome" feeds "strife" like wood to a Continue Reading

Want Respect? Start Here…


I remember the glazed, deer-in-the-headlights look that slowly crept onto others' faces… I remember the bazillion thoughts floating around in my head… And the deep urge to release them all… I had no idea that I was simply struggling in the journey with immaturity. And then I ran across the Continue Reading

When He Sins Against You…

The following is a true story, shared by one of our readers. I have changed a few details to protect her identity. We'll refer to her as, "She." There are several parts to this story. We'll pick up the next section tomorrow. … "What do you want? I don't know what you want…" he said, Continue Reading