How to avoid feeling shame …

Ever have someone shame you? It’s an awful feeling, don’t you think? The face-flushing, guilty-headache, hot-cheeked, where’s-the-door-right-Now? feeling that stinks like no other. And you may not consider yourself someone who dumps shame on others – I certainly didn’t think of myself that way – but if we’ve ever begun a sentence with, “How could […]

Got Conflict?

My 16 year old blew me away yesterday. Talking about conflict and how to best resolve it, I heard what I’ve been teaching him emerge in a single sentence. For a brief moment, I wondered if I’d created a doormat.  Then He clarified. First, he said, “Dealing with conflict is easy, mom, once you figure […]


Last night, one of my teen boys came up from behind me when I was getting ready for bed, and sheepishly told me, “I’m sorry I was so rotten when we were doing math…” “I forgive you, baby.” He’d been angry, but I knew it was at himself, and not me. He doesn’t like to […]

I Blew It… Again…

Oops. Uh-Oh. I can’t get through a day without apologizing to nearly everyone I live with at least once. I forget things, even though I am highly scheduled. I’m sometimes selfish, so I inadvertently hurt someone else’s feelings. I get sick and have chronic pain, so I can be short on patience. And I’m human, […]