What I Wish Women Knew about The Respect Dare…

The title of this blog cracked me up, because I’m really no one who should have that much enthusiasm attached to her name. 🙂 I just want to remind everyone that any good you see in me is His Spirit within. Thank you so much for the prayers, too. My son is healing nicely, although […]

He Doesn’t Deserve Respect…

If your marriage is difficult, understand that the enemy wants you to believe you have just TWO CHOICES: 1) Stay and be miserable… or … 2) Divorce… He’s pretty good at what he does. He’ll tell you things like, “Your kids are better off without all the fighting,” which simply is not true (check The […]

When The Respect Dare Doesn’t Work…

A while back, I posted about a woman wrote to me about doing The Respect Dare book. Having completed all the assignments, she found herself stuck on the last one, where she was to talk about what she had learned as a result of completing the dares. When I wrote about her circumstances originally, I […]

Can She Leave Him?

She had read all the books, seen the counselor, been to the retreats and tried her best. Yes, she had prayed. Yes, she had cried. Yes. He still drank, womanized, was financially irresponsible, or whatever, but she felt scared and unloved and hurt. She hurt. What most men fail to realize is that most women […]

Good Mom?

The boy stretched his arms upward in expectation. “Carry me, Mommy,” he said. Instead of lifting him, the very pregnant woman squatted next to him and steadied her swollen body. “Oh, I wish I could, sweetie,” she said. “Mommy’s too pregnant to lift you for a while. How about we hold hands as we walk […]

You are Invited… into Perhaps The Unthinkable…

Abuse. Rape. Bullying. Assault. Poverty. Debt. Identity Theft. Worthlessness. Fear. Covetousness. Discontent. Malice. Strife. Murder. Unforgiveness. Do you have a list like this? Most people have a “bucket list” of wondrous things they wish to do before they die. What many fail to realize that as long as our buckets are filled with the garbage […]

Got An Angry Man??

Her heart desires to be respectful, whether he deserves it or not… because she knows God at least enough by now to know this is a matter of obedience for her…but he’s a scary man. Prone to anger. Prone to harsh words, threatening stances, and bruises for her and the children. And she asks, “Is […]

A Few More Thoughts About Submission …

Abuse Here and In Other Countries… Research accumulated by Buzzle shows that domestic violence is a significant issue for women in America.  The following quotes were taken from their website:[1] A woman is physically assaulted every nine seconds in the United States according to the Family Violence Prevention Fund Report 1994. According to the Surgeon […]

How Bad is Your Marriage?

I frequently hear from women who do The Respect Dare book.  It encourages me to hear how their marriages are better, how more connected to God they are, and how much more peace they have in their lives. Once in a while, however, I hear from someone and it rattles my cage. A while back, […]