Why he disrespects you…


Wondering why he disrespects you? Let’s use an analogy to understand why husbands sometimes disrespect their wives… So let’s say you are an avid runner and want to significantly increase your distance and pace because you want to not only run a marathon, but you want to run it fast enough to qualify for the […]

Why your husband no longer respects YOU…

If you emasculate your man, don't be surprised when he stops acting like one

To think about why your husband no longer respects you is painful. I’m sorry. But you’ve noticed it, right? The disrespect shows up in small ways… and big ones. A look of disdain here… The curved lip of contempt there… Dishes left out for “someone else” to do… same with the dirty laundry… Opinions ignored, […]

If you can’t say something nice…

RD_dare-7 (1)

If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all, right? That would be awesome if it were in the Bible, but it’s just not.  The closest we can come is Proverbs 16:4, which reads: Gracious words are like a honeycomb, sweetness to the soul and health to the body. If we check Proverbs […]

Complaining ruining your marriage?


Is complaining ruining your marriage? com·plaining kəmˈplān/ verb gerund or present participle: complaining express dissatisfaction or annoyance about a state of affairs or an event. “local authorities complained that they lacked sufficient resources” synonyms: protest, grumble, whine, bleat, carp, cavil, grouse, make a fuss And over time, this behavior creates a climate of negativity that […]

How defensiveness is destroying your marriage…


In case you’re not, you should be aware of how defensiveness is destroying your marriage… I would like some input in dealing with family communication, or lack thereof. When someone does something insulting, deceptive, etc. to upset me and/ or make me angry, the defense mechanism is to get angry at me-first- so I’m on […]

Dare #4 Are you sabotaging your marriage?


Dare #4 Are you sabotaging your marriage? You know you can set it up to succeed or fail, right? I know it takes two, yes, but when we’re thinking about our part, we need to pay attention to HOW we think about where our marriage is headed. Are we worrying about how it might fail? […]

Why navel gazing is important…

DoormatRespecting others without having self-respectGiving without receivingShame

Today’s dare is a continuation of #3 – where we continue to torture ourselves with dig into self-evaluation. If you have done The RESPECT DARE book, you know the self-assessment about being a Biblical wife. There’s a ton of opportunity to really think through what kind of wife we are – and in that look at […]

Respect for your husband + Self-Respect helps your marriage…

efficient ways to get around the city (3)

Did you know that respect for your husband + self-respect actually helps your marriage? Here’s a brief glance at what that can look like: So don’t be “wrong at the top of your voice,” as Emerson Eggerich puts it. If your husband is interested in growing your marriage, know he’ll hear the truth better from […]

Feel like a doormat? Might need some boundaries…

Strength &Dignity

If you feel like a doormat in your marriage it might be due to a need for some boundaries. I remember the first time a boundary of mine was crossed by a friend. I didn’t recognize it for what it was at the time, but I see it clearly now. We were sitting in the […]

What does it mean to submit to your husband?

Strength &Dignity

Have you ever wondered, “What does it mean to submit to your husband?” Or do you just kind of skim over those verses in the Bible, like I used to do, back in the dark ages, when we were first married? I’ve written on this topic a number of times, and I know it often […]