Got Sorrows?

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Throat tight, fiercely pounding heart throbs in my ears. Eyes wet. And that smell. Why do hospitals always have that smell? We walked silently to the elevator together after meeting with the doctor. I wasn't sure I'd make it. My legs felt funny. Weak. Wobbly. I literally didn't Continue Reading

5 Reasons NOT to Quit Your Marriage

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She sat in the field watching the sun set. Heart aching, arms empty, mouth dry from antidepressants, she wondered when/if things would get better. What if they didn't? She felt alone.  Maybe you could relate to Lonely Wife last week. Maybe you want to quit your marriage. Maybe your heart has been Continue Reading

Maligning the Word…

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Lonely Wife appreciates the ton of comments from Monday and Tuesday's blog. She says she has much to think about, much to pray about.  One of her friends suggested she leave him - she doesn't feel called to do that, though, so she'll be praying through the comments here.  I fully believe God will Continue Reading

What Advice Would YOU Give Her?

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Once in a while I get an email that makes me cry, makes me wonder. In lieu of today's Respect Dare, #20, and the entire "love your husband well" thing, I wanted to share the below with you, as I'm at a complete loss. Got thoughts? Please feel free to share them in the comment section, Titus Continue Reading

Dare Nineteen… The Respect Dare


Just an inside tidbit of debated truth in our house - it wasn't 17 frying pans. It was 27. And yes, gluttony rears its ugly head in multiple ways, at church picnics, and in keeping and acquiring. So now we have 8 pans we fry in. And while I'd love to be inspirational today, love to spur Continue Reading

Prayers Appreciated…


Last night, the daily dark thoughts that I've been turning over to God moment-to-moment style took hold of my subconscious. I wasn't worrying, but I wrestled all day...Someone really close to me with a life-threatening illness and too-long wait for the next doctor's appointment, a friend's son Continue Reading

Is a Label Messing Up Your Marriage?


Right now, there are just two choices: Egalitarian and Complementarian. Here's what they mean, according to their own writings: Egalitarian: We believe in the equality and essential dignity of men and women of all ethnicities, ages, and classes. We recognize that all persons are made in Continue Reading

Seriously Funny Video for Moms!


So this video is stinkin' hilarious - and does a great job of honoring moms without denigrating dads. So please take it in that vein, and enjoy. Happy Mother's Day Weekend! :) Feel free to share wildly with all the awesome moms who need encouragement in your life! :) What's a good mom? How about Continue Reading