Pssst… What Do YOU Think?

Yesterday I asked women what they think of the marriage TIPS emails they receive from us. From the survey results so far, it seems like women generally love them and are helped by them, AND they are aching for more information about what to do with three major situations.  Maybe you’ve dealt with them? They […]

4 Thoughts to Take Captive

Sara stirred awake, hearing the baby’s whimpering through the monitor. Eyes barely open, she glanced at the clock. The red digital display said 3:23. Whimpering turned to fussing, then crying, and Sara knew the three week old’s tummy was waking him. She sighed.  She pushed back the covers, sat up and eased out of the […]

The Respect Dare… Dare Fifteen… GOT STUFF?

It was 35 years ago. I stood outside the police station with a group of  12 year olds, waiting for things to get started.  As I watched my dad drive away in the car, my heart started to pound.  The police officer outside started collecting the permission slips from the other kids…and I realized mine […]

STOP Doing it All…

I felt his hand on my hip and stirred awake. Glancing at the clock, I sighed. 5:33am. Too early. No wonder I hurt everywhere. Joints stiff and sore, I shifted for a more comfortable position.  Remnants of drowsiness rapidly escaped as the pain shot through my body.  Not off to a good start, this day. […]

YOU are Invited…

My pulse quickened and my breath caught when I hit “post” on Facebook this morning. I put up the announcement below: And while I wish we had childcare, we don’t – the money just isn’t there for that this time. And while I wish we could serve you lunch and coffee, we can’t. Same situation. But the […]

Are You Covering for Him? Or Should You Disagree?

Have you ever covered for your husband’s sin? Has he ever asked you to do something wrong, or forbidden you from doing something that might be right? And just so you know, he can’t forbid. He’s also not supposed to boss you around. He might think he can. But lots of people think they can do […]