How to Deal with Critical People…


What do I do when he criticizes me? I get literally gobs of questions from women every month, and at the core of them is the above question. What’s a god-fearing girl to do when she’s hurting because of something her husband (also insert, mother, sister, daughter, son, friend, neighbor, boss, etc.) says to her? […]

What Submissive Wives are NOT…

In both Proverbs 25 and Proverbs 26, there is mention of the consequences of being “quarrelsome.” This is important. In marriage, being a “quarrelsome wife” results in your husband wanting to “live on the corner of the roof.” As a man, being “quarrelsome” feeds “strife” like wood to a fire. Being “disagreeable” or “quarrelsome” is […]

Beaten Down and Broken Hearted?


I often receive testimonials from women who complete The Respect Dare book. I’m always blown away by what I read. Nothing convinces me more that God was the one to write it than their stories. This weekend, I received another one that blew me away. This woman’s walk of faith is like few I’ve ever […]

Santa Dare… or Santa Dear…

christmas dare cookies

When my kids were little, we put a white stocking over our fireplace and wrote “gift for Jesus” on pieces of paper and left them in a pile near it. The children would do a random act of kindness for a family member, then write it on the paper and put it in the stocking. […]

I Can’t Take Another Day…


    “33 years is a long time to have a parched soul,” she said. The words, “wimpy,” or “spoiled,” do not apply to her. Their marriage has weathered an affair, unemployment, miscarriage, 6 children, various parenting heartaches and a few bouts of depression. And this day, she’s finally had enough. “Every day it is […]

How to Calm Down an Angry Husband

Your husband says to you, “You never…” or “You always…” or whatever.  Your natural reaction is to be what?  How about ticked? Or hurt. Or worse yet, scared. But yes, probably angry.  Unless you are scared.  Or don’t know what to do.  And that usually results in being a doormat.  Which doesn’t work, either. So […]