Pssst… What Do YOU Think?

overcome fears Annie

Yesterday I asked women what they think of the marriage TIPS emails they receive from us. From the survey results so far, it seems like women generally love them and are helped by them, AND they are aching for more information about what to do with three major situations.  Maybe you've dealt with Continue Reading

Weekend Round Up for Respect …

eagle court of honor

It's Saturday night. I'm blogging. Jim's getting ready to pay taxes. Obviously it's not date night. But we had an awesome day celebrating with our Eagle Scout and family, and hundreds of other parents as their boys had their Eagle Court of Honor. #Privileged. I feel strongly about men Continue Reading

How to Destroy a Man…

"I just hate the world, Mommy…" she said. "What?? Why?" I inquired. "I weigh 20 pounds more than all my friends. A few of them are on diets. I don't think I'm fat, but I'm not sure. And I keep thinking I should be dieting, too," she replies. Yikes. "And did you know there's girls Continue Reading

The Secret of Submission…


If you are an intellectual who needs proof that the Bible is a legitimately relevant document today… I'm happy to help you with that. And I'm excited to see your comments and thoughts today. We're just doing this arm-in-arm, aren't we? On the journey together? :) We are told in the Bible to Continue Reading

Real Conflict…What Do You Think?


I have the privilege of a number of close relationships where the intimate details of interactions are shared with me, often over coffee. This is one of them. Consent's been given to share it with you. Discussion's ensued. I'm sure there will be more. Just so you know, this woman has been Continue Reading

What I Wish Women Knew about The Respect Dare…

The title of this blog cracked me up, because I'm really no one who should have that much enthusiasm attached to her name. :) I just want to remind everyone that any good you see in me is His Spirit within. Thank you so much for the prayers, too. My son is healing nicely, although it is a hard Continue Reading

He Doesn’t Deserve Respect…


If your marriage is difficult, understand that the enemy wants you to believe you have just TWO CHOICES: 1) Stay and be miserable… or … 2) Divorce… He's pretty good at what he does. He'll tell you things like, "Your kids are better off without all the fighting," which simply is not true (check Continue Reading