Rules or Relationship?

How to step away from the "Christian Checklist"

I remember it as though it occurred yesterday. Having lain unsleeping for two hours, tossing and turning, 4am roused me out of bed completely. I descended the stairs to the cold family room, pulled a blanket around me and started reading. It was early spring, so the resurrection called. I knew the story – Crucified, […]

3 ways to mess up your marriage…

and your other relationships at work, home, and play

There are certainly more than 3 ways to mess up your marriage… today, however, we’ll be looking just 3…and changing them will change ALL of your relationships – and make you happier. … Carla stared at Steve in disbelief. All she had wanted to do was have a simple conversation about where to go for […]

Is your teen addicted to technology?

or why to stop doing your kids' homework...and help your kid get the good grades anyway...

Is your teen addicted to technology? Or are you wondering what you might do to keep that from happening? Does this effect their relationship with God, you, the rest of the family, and their friends? Of course it does. And we have a few thoughts on the subject. …  Ever get tempted to do their […]

When your teen is disrespectful…

and a parenting assessment that may shake you up a bit... *YIPES!*

Wondering what to do when your teen is disrespectful? Feeling brave? Join us in this assessment based on Biblical “what works” parenting tips – and at the end of this post, you’ll get a code to join us in our eCourse for With All Due Respect with $59 off the tuition, good through Friday, January […]

I jumped the gun… once again…

Or how excitement makes you (okay, ME) wrong sometimes...

YES!!! I jumped the gun again… So back in the dark ages when I was a human resources manager, a friend who worked for me lovingly said, “So you know you have a “ready-fire-aim” approach to um…like everything…? right?” Um… NO. I didn’t know that. I tend to think of it a little differently, like […]

Wish you could connect more with your teens & tweens?

On the Air Tomorrow, but here’s a sneak peek!!!

Debbie & I are on FamilyLife Today! radio for three days this week with pastors Dennis Rainey and Bob Lepine. We are thrilled that our trip in March led to this outcome – especially God’s timing! Today’s the day our book, With All Due Respect: 40 days to a more fulfilling relationship with your teens & tweens launches around the continent.

You may be familiar with FamilyLife – they are the Weekend to Remember folks, an awesome conference for married people. Jim & have been a number of times, and consider it a “tune up” for our marriage. I highly recommend it. If you are interested in learning more and finding a city near you, check this!

For Dads & Husbands:

Just two more things – I get asked a lot by people who take Daughters of Sarah (usually the husbands, “I’m so inspired by what God’s done in my wife, I want to grow myself and be a better man for her and my family,” is what I hear) “What can I do?” And I answer with “Stepping Up: a Call to Courageous Manhood,” it’s a book and course by Dennis Rainey – I hope you will encourage the men in your lives to check it out. Bob & Dennis wrote a book together called The Christian Husband.  It’s also seriously worth a read.

Today’s Episode:

At any rate, here’s all three episodes, where Dennis and Debbie talk in depth about prodigals – and how to cope with some of the most painful parenting experiences out there. Please share this with those you know who are hurting.

When you are done listening, I’d love to know what you thought, or interact over struggles you have, and be able to lift you up in prayer today, right here on the blog. And remember to sign up for the FREE marriage and parenting tips and downloads in the sidebar. 🙂

Love to you,


With All Due Respect: Parenting as  a Child of the King –  episode 1 of 3 on FamilyLife Today!


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2 ways to help turn kids into grown-ups

AKA they don't live with you when they are 35...

Part of our job as parents is to help our kids mature, so here’s 2 ways to help turn a kid into a grown-up. Do you have that moment when you look forward to  your kids moving out? You know, the feeling that comes after a sarcastic comment or a wildly emotional issue? The answer […]

How to avoid feeling shame …

Ever have someone shame you? It’s an awful feeling, don’t you think? The face-flushing, guilty-headache, hot-cheeked, where’s-the-door-right-Now? feeling that stinks like no other. And you may not consider yourself someone who dumps shame on others – I certainly didn’t think of myself that way – but if we’ve ever begun a sentence with, “How could […]