When I Stumble…

whatever we pay attention to grows kids

I’m sorry. It’s been a week. Just know when I’m not blogging, the enemy is running rampant. I’m surprised and wiser now, hope to talk about it sooner, versus later. And, thanks to a technology glitch, we’ve of course had no access to our prayer team when we need them most. And the enemy’s been […]

How to Deal with Critical People…


What do I do when he criticizes me? I get literally gobs of questions from women every month, and at the core of them is the above question. What’s a god-fearing girl to do when she’s hurting because of something her husband (also insert, mother, sister, daughter, son, friend, neighbor, boss, etc.) says to her? […]

Are You the Wife of A Soldier?

military wife

Crying with wives of soldiers has become a thing for me. Loving our country, loving them, appreciating although not even fully understanding their sacrifices, we have seen them in The Respect Dare E-Course and I have known for a long time their struggles are of a special nature. Meet Ruby Merten. She’s new to the […]

Get Married and Be Submissive…


My husband sent me this link to an article in today’s Telegraph about a book titled, “Get Married and Be Submissive.” I haven’t read the book. It’s unlikely that I will, as I don’t read or speak Italian. I just wonder about the nature of the media article and their desired purpose – whether they […]

What are You Looking For?

Yesterday I watched disagreements unfold online as an article I wrote for the Sexes column of The Atlantic was published. In an age where “Letters to the Editor” are a thing of times gone by for the most part, I stood back and marveled at the level of intensity and misunderstanding of my experience.  Perhaps […]