Is a Label Messing Up Your Marriage?


Right now, there are just two choices: Egalitarian and Complementarian. Here's what they mean, according to their own writings: Egalitarian: We believe in the equality and essential dignity of men and women of all ethnicities, ages, and classes. We recognize that all persons are made in Continue Reading

When I Stumble…

whatever we pay attention to grows kids

I'm sorry. It's been a week. Just know when I'm not blogging, the enemy is running rampant. I'm surprised and wiser now, hope to talk about it sooner, versus later. And, thanks to a technology glitch, we've of course had no access to our prayer team when we need them most. And the Continue Reading

Dare Six… and Why MANY Conflicts Occur…

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I spent the weekend doing a leadership retreat an awesome group of FUN leaders – at one point we all burst into a kids’ song, “Encourage one another, and build each other up… build each other up… build each other UP!” ( :) Sorry!) Somehow most of us were familiar with the song, and the CD – and Continue Reading

6 Mistakes That Destroy Your Marriage…

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"I can't take another day - I feel so alone! My marriage is a servants delight, cook, clean, work, go to school, take care of the children, make sure the laundry is done, supper on the table when the husband gets in, and lay down and let him have his pleasure whenever he feels. Do not expect any Continue Reading

How to Deal with Critical People…


What do I do when he criticizes me? I get literally gobs of questions from women every month, and at the core of them is the above question. What's a god-fearing girl to do when she's hurting because of something her husband (also insert, mother, sister, daughter, son, friend, neighbor, boss, Continue Reading

Are You the Wife of A Soldier?

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Crying with wives of soldiers has become a thing for me. Loving our country, loving them, appreciating although not even fully understanding their sacrifices, we have seen them in The Respect Dare E-Course and I have known for a long time their struggles are of a special nature. Meet Ruby Continue Reading