If you are feeling worthless or alone in your marriage…

If you are feeling worthless and alone in your marriage, I want to give you HOPE today. Even if your marriage is “okay.” Especially if your marriage is “awful.” And really if your marriage is “full of conflict,” “mean-ness,” hurt, or even verbal/emotional abuse. And I hope that if you understand what I’m about to […]

Self Respect WHILE Respecting Others

Something is missing from our viral lists of 101 Ways to Respect Your Husband, and 101 Ways to Love Your Wife – it’s a list of 101 Ways to Respect Yourself. We shy away from this topic in Christiandom because we think it breeds selfishness – and it might – but to ignore it breeds […]

The hideous secret Ohio is hiding…

The hideous secret Ohio is hiding… I’m still shocked at what I learned. It started out pretty innocuous, running kids places, a little yard work, double date with another awesome Cincinnati writer friend of mine, brief monsoon (okay, it just rained, but crazy torrential downpour style) – and then came the invitation. I had no […]

Why your relationship is a mess…

Why Your Relationship is a Mess… & What to DO about it… #2 Why your relationship is a mess… & What to Do about it… #2 You’d think this was simple business, right? Relationships can be so rewarding, so amazing, and then we wake up one day and … things have changed somehow. Suddenly, we […]

Ever wonder why you are on the planet?

Have you ever wondered why you breathe? Have you ever had that depressed, discouraged, “Oh, why am I even bothering?” hopeless-style response to life’s circumstances? If you have served Him in ministry for a while, struggle with depression, or worse, both, you know what I’m talking about. I have talked with a LOT of Christian […]