Dare #8 Journey – Remembering…

Do you remember how your husband asked you to marry him?  Can you recall why you said, “Yes” to him?

pg kiss

Do you remember the special things about him that made your heart skip a beat, your tummy feel funny, and your breath catch?

I promise that those memories ARE somewhere inside your brain and heart.

They CAN be retrieved.

If you try.

Thankfully that stage of love is short… after all, how any of the work would get done if we stayed in that place?

That place also brought with it expectations, however, and some of them impact our marriages negatively.

If you’re not oh-so-very-eager to remember the positive qualities of your hubby, you’ll relate to Tammy’s thoughts this morning.

Give it a try. Close your eyes and quiet your mind.  Go back to the days when you first met.


Dare you.

Glad you are on the journey with us!

Be sure to check out today’s discussions on Family Life Today – “A Wife’s Role.”

Love to you,


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