Independence Day – Can I trouble you for a prayer?

This week we take a break from the dares, because honestly, I am floored by how quickly the days are moving.

I’ve been trying to figure out summer with kids, wrestling with emotions, driving people around, putting out fires, dealing with gardens, and trying to keep first things first.

And this week – the Fourth of July.

Be Still

So this week we pause for breath and will resume the dares next week.

I think we all go through those passages between this Now and Heaven where the meantime is such a MEAN TIME.  Without giving glory to the wrong one, I will tell you it is by His grace we’re still moving forward. And I and my entire team have been having a MEAN TIME.

I know He means it for good.

I am thankful we’ve not been devoured.

Please Pray

But we do need prayer coverage. Can I ask you for that? I’d list all the things we’re all struggling with, but I don’t want to share His glory with that other guy. Suffice it to say that we are a thankful group, persevering, and praying. Will you join us?

I confess I don’t fully understand prayer, but who does? Oh. He does. 🙂 Of course. I believe sometimes He doesn’t do things until we pray, sometimes unless we pray. And sometimes He does things no matter what we pray.

cowgirl not alone

But I believe in the power of prayer – and if anything you’ve found here has ever been of help, know it’s Him, and we now need your help.  Will you please pray?

Protection, health, perseverance, time expansion, courage, technology, safety, for us, our families, and those to whom we minister.

A dear friend of mine likes to say God’s never late, but He’s also seldom if ever early!

Thank you!  Love to you… and know I can’t wait to give you the next dare.



Father God, by Your grace, cover us. Lord, have mercy on our souls, keep us from fear, let us only hear Your great Truth and nothing from the enemy. Keep lies and destruction far from us. Protect our finances, protect our relationships. We pray for unity, compassion, help, wisdom, and discernment as we move forward in this great work You’ve given us to do – and it is all for You Lord.

We love you and are thankful for you. Even in the dark we thank You for the light of Jesus. May we shine His and Your great love onto others. Protect our earthly bodies, Lord. Heal us from all the emotional and physical and mental difficulties, God.

We praise You, Oh Lord. It’s in Jesus’ name we pray, amen and amen.

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2 thoughts on “Independence Day – Can I trouble you for a prayer?

  1. Wow, it seems that it is a heavy time for many. GOD will not let us go and HE is building us and your ministry for such a time as this…. cool, I really did not anticipate that comment, so I too will take encouragement! Praying for you (and Debbie, and all your fams) and feeling prayers that you send for your email crew!! Hallelujah, that we are connected and connectable in HIM!!!
    Love, Leah

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