Relationship Architect Time…

Relationship Architect

“If momma ain’t happy…”   How’s that end?    Unfortunately we all know… “ain’t nobody happy…”    Because we are the relationship architect and create the atmosphere in our homes.

I Dare You to…

Just time for a short dare this morning… hope you are “in” – let us know!

Today, I dare you to text, email, or leave a voice mail for your husband. Something like, “Just because I love you, I want to make/pick up your favorite for dinner tonight… I’m thinking XYZ, how’s that sound?”

See if he doesn’t come home on time in a good mood.

Double-Dog-Dare You

GREET him with enthusiasm (YES, even if it feels corny – be a welcoming committee!) instead of greeting him with a barrage of complaints and problems.  Think about it…if we will put a little effort back into our marriage (like we did when we were trying to catch him in the first place…) we can make it a better place for both of us.

A place that fulfills Ephesians 5:32…reflecting Christ’s relationship with the church.

So seriously greet your husband – as though you actually are glad to see him. Then give him a few minutes to detox from the day.

Make it a Habit

I TRIPLE-dog-dare you to make this a new habit…I bet some of you have already done this.  If you have, please share why and what it’s done for your marriage. If you want to be brave, ask you husband what he thinks it’s done for your marriage!

Over the years, several husbands have shared that this is the most important change they’ve seen in their wives as a result of The Respect Dare or Daughters of Sarah – it’s a simple thing, and not one I pretend to understand, but I’ll bet it has something to do with being a warrior returning home…

Come on Titus 2 ladies!  Who’s in?  🙂

Dare you to comment, share, and challenge other women to do the same.

So glad to be on the journey with you…

Love to you,



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2 thoughts on “Relationship Architect Time…

  1. Not sure the stage of life we’re in; my husband was laid off and is doing volunteer work from home. I do try to be pleasant and am happy to see him – when he emerges from his office (-: It’s been an adjustment and we’re getting into a rhythm. It took awhile but, thankfully, God was working in/through each of us.

  2. Hi Nina, I agree that a friendly greeting is a good way to welcome a husband home. My struggle is that I did this with my husband for 16 years & mostly I was met with a withdrawal response from him because he was hiding a sex addiction & living a double life. He was pushing me away so I wouldn’t find out his secret & I kept trying to earn his love. We are in recovery now but when I think of giving of myself in this way again it’s painful & I feel a lot of resentment. I’m asking God to help me with this but I can’t pretend I’m ready to put much effort into greeting him when he comes home right now. It’s enough to just be mildly pleasant.

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