Where are Your Feet Headed?


Sarah slipped into her car and drove to the counselor’s office.

Diane put one foot in front of the other, crossing the room to sit next to her cold-hearted and distant husband on the couch.

Jennifer walked into where her husband worked, just to invite him to the lunch across the street.

Mickey found herself standing in front of her husband’s bedroom at their house. She bravely knocked.

Nancy’s feet curled under her as she prayed by her bedside.

Carol left her dinner preparations and greeted her husband by the door. She stood on tip toes as her arms encircled his neck, and met his lips with hers.

Joanne stood in front of the books in the “Marriage and Family” section of the bookstore.

Paula walked into the drycleaners to pick up her husband’s shirts.

Path of Relationship

All of these women are friends of mine. Yes, I changed their names. But all of them are either currently in painful marriages or have emerged on the other side. Regardless, all are taking the next step, walking in wisdom and obedience, trusting, as God does His thing with their husbands. All of these ladies have had tears and some still cry, but all refuse to give up. The biggest thing they have in common, outside of their marriage struggles, is they are on the path of relationship with Christ.

And they know He’s chosen this context of marriage, no matter how painful it is, for them to reveal God’s glory to others, starting with the man they live with.

I received an email from another friend of mine today, one whose husband came unhitched when their first child was born. What he thought would be glamorous turned out to be too much work. His wife’s body changed. His attitude didn’t. She is beautiful (and I mean drop-dead gorgeous, and at a healthy weight), but he found a thinner woman at work. His lack of maturity sliced this little family in half, and he filed for divorce.

Her feet took her first to her mother’s, then to a lawyer’s office.

I pray maturity for this man, and someday, that their feet will reunite in marriage again and put the pieces of this shattered dream back together, bringing God tons of glory.

Where are your feet headed?

And I wonder about the places our feet take us. Do they plant us next to the guy at work who makes us feel special? Or in front of the TV to watch those shows that subconsciously help us disdain men in general? Do they take us to the neighborhood pool or social gathering or playgroup where we spend all our time comparing complaints about the men we married? Or do they take us to our Bible study group, where wise women encourage us to do what is right, no matter the cost? Do they take us chasing after our husband, following him around constantly, instead of taking us to the place of connection with other women, providing him with some space and silence in his life?

Proverbs 4 deals with an admonishment toward the pursuit of wisdom.

I instruct you in the way of wisdom and lead you along straight paths. When you walk, your steps will not be hampered; when you run, you will not stumble.   Proverbs 4:11-12

Where are your feet taking you? Towards life or death? Towards healing and hope or sickness and despair?

Dare you to ask God for the answer, listen, confess, and repent. J

Double-dog-dare you to share about it with someone, and maybe invite them to join us in our journey.

Love to you!



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