Self-Respect + Respect for your husband helps your marriage…

Did you know that self-respect + respect for your husband actually helps your marriage?

Here’s a brief glance at what that can look like:

efficient ways to get around the city (3)

So don’t be “wrong at the top of your voice,” as Emerson Eggerich puts it. If your husband is interested in growing your marriage, know he’ll hear the truth better from a man, so I encourage you to attend one of their conferences. A Family Life Conference is also an awesome tune up! We’ve been about five times.

Are you lying to your husband? STOP. Tell the truth – that’s what I’m talking about with “tell you my truth” – your truth may sound like, “The story I’m telling myself is that you are angry with me because you wish you hadn’t come to this restaurant. Is that true?” Or, “It hurts my feelings when you ask me a question and then cut me off in the middle of my answer. Can you not do that, please?”

In Monday’s post, we talked about unconditional respect – even when your husband’s behaviors leave you feeling like he doesn’t deserve it. I hope that you joined us in the Strength & Dignity eCourse if you saw yourself with some opportunities from the self-assessment. Dare you to take inventory in the boundaries department by taking a look at that post!

In everything, therefore, treat people the same way you want them to treat you, for this is the Law and the Prophets.   Matthew 7:12

What about you? How does “respecting yourself” (the essence of Monday’s discussion) fit into your marriage? How about your parents’ marriage?

Love to you!


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