2 ways to help turn kids into grown-ups

AKA they don't live with you when they are 35...

Part of our job as parents is to help our kids mature, so here’s 2 ways to help turn a kid into a grown-up.

Do you have that moment when you look forward to  your kids moving out?

You know, the feeling that comes after a sarcastic comment or a wildly emotional issue?

The answer to that may surprise you – and an added blessing is it will help them behave more maturely.

I’m guest blogging today over on Sheila Wray-Gregoire’s blog, To Love, Honor & Vacuum.


I hope you’ll come check it out! You’ll see how I handle things “in the small” so they don’t turn into something big – like a stressful relationship.

And today is also a great day to check out my co-author and Operations Director for Greater Impact, Debbie Hitchcock’s post on controlling mothers. 🙂 She gives some great ideas on how to avoid becoming one and the marital impact of behaving that way. My son got married a month ago, and I am THRILLED at how easy it is to stay out of his business – and just let them figure out married life together – while being available when they ask for advice. Deb’s parenting advice over the years has helped me stay in that place. You should totally sign up for her FREE parenting tips on her website: 101 Ways to a More Fulfilling Relationship with your Teens & Tweens.  You’ll hear from her a few times a week with some thoughts, plus you’ll get an email from her blog. If you want the kind of relationship with your kids where they will come to you when they are struggling with things like sexual temptation or the like, and ask you for advice and prayer, you seriously need to sign up. Here’s why: what she teaches has had that kind of impact on my family. I have awesome healthy relationships with my kids – I’m also not perfect, and neither is she, but if you struggle while navigating these waters, she can help!

A wise counselor friend of mine years ago also gave me this advice about raising kids: “You have to be a little detached, otherwise they don’t separate well and your relationship becomes unhealthy.” In this day and age of “helicopter parenting” I’m thankful to have heard this while my kids were still young. The end result is a relationship with people who actually like spending time with us and schedule it themselves. This young couple actually wanted to come to our small group’s 4th of July party! Unreal. 🙂  *tears* 🙂 We had a blast!


I spent Friday night watching their Christian electronic pop band – Waveshapes – and was just so thrilled – he married his violinist! (And they make beautiful music together – probably in more ways than one.) If interested, you can listen to them here.  My son creates 100% of the music, and his wife, Polly, my daughter-in-law (so weird and wonderful to say!) plays electric violin for them. Their goal is to help kids wrap their identity up in the Audience of One, and fight the lies of the culture.

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At any rate, dare you to spend a few minutes learning how to deal with mouthy behavior over on Sheila’s blog and be sure to then check out Deb’s post and sign up for the tips!. It will be a good combination of insights to help you raise your kids!

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